BDO Graduate Scheme 2015 - Internal Audit Graduate Vacancies



I know that there are some graduate positions open in the Internal Audit department at BDO. Most people apply to external audit because there are more vacancies and they don’t know what internal audit does.

Internal audit comes under BDO’s advisory remit and is concerned with providing clients assurance on the design and effectiveness of their control to add value and improve an organisation’s operations.

Benefits of internal audit

  • More varied work i.e. the type of audit will vary from Finance to HR
  • More scope for promotion. The small nature of the internal audit teams makes it easier to progress as there are less people competing for same managerial roles.
  • High chance of being recruited. Although the number of positions is small so is the number of applicants. So there is a good chance that you make it to the assessment centre.

If anybody needs any advice on applying, interviews and assessment centre I am more than happy to help.


Hi Gavin F,
I have applied for a role in internal audit at BDO, under the Risk and Advisory Services. I am scheduled to have an assessment centre on the 21st of July 2015.
I have a few questions about the AC, primarily on the presentation and In-Tray exercise.

The topic for my presentation if :Discuss a business or industry of your choice, include who they are, the challenges they are currently facing and how BDO could assist them.

I have the following questions:
-Does the business or industry I talk about has to be a current hot topic in the news?
-Also, I am struggling to think of a business or industry currently facing challenges, to speak about that can relate back to Internal audit?
-Also for the in-tray exercise do you have any helpful tips or advice? From what I understand I will be writing a letter and responding to e-mails mostly, as well as prioritising tasks within a list.

I would very much appreciate your help,

Mohammed K.


Thanks for your reply.

This is difficult to prepare for as you’re given the scenario on the day. Essentially you’ll be assigned a role with tasks that need to be completed. You need to prioritise which ones are the urgent and important tasks. These should be actioned first and then so on accordingly. Typically it will be a series of emails which you have to reply to.

This can be about any business or industry. It’s up to you. My advice would be choose something you’re comfortable talking about. Perhaps somewhere you’ve worked before. You then need to think about how BDO can help the business. You need to demonstrate you understand what products/services BDO offer. Not every single one. And then relate to the business/industry of your choice. So how can corporate finance help, advisory, audit, tax etc by the way internal audit can be related to every single business so you shouldn’t have a problem there.

Other tips would be know the qualification you are applying for eg ACA