BDO Graduate Programme 2019


Is there anyone here who has accepted an offer and will be joining the London office this September? I have and thought it would be nice to talk to other joiners :slight_smile:


I am about to apply! Is it too late now?


Hi everyone, I wonder if there is anyone that has been put on the shortlisting process for the AC for several months.

I did my video interview (summer internship) in the second half of February and was told that I had passed the video interview on 8 March. On the phone call for the feedback, the employee told that all my answers were perfect, and I had to really push her so that she revealed my not-so-good aspects for improvements. Yet, they have put me on hold for so long…


Hi everyone! I have received an offer recently. Have anyone been offered a position who require visa sponsorship? I have some questions and would be happy to discuss. :slight_smile:


Got an AC next Wed

Anyone who is going feel free to drop me a message.


Hi may I ask which role did you apply? thank you!


Audit Graduate - Risk & Advisory


Thank you! I applied for IIDA audit, have not got a reply since the interview feedback at the end of April…said I had to wait… how long did you wait for it for the AC?


Less than 3 weeks. I think its dependent on office and stream.


which role had you applied for??


Hi, I applied Audit-Graduate, 2019 September intake, but I am struggling with video interview, have you got the offer yet? Is it the video interview questions tricky ? Could you please share some experiences ? Many thanks


Hi, Have you got an offer already? I am struggling with video interview, can you share some experience of your application at BDO, many thanks.


hey can you tell me what questions you got for video interview


How long did you wait to get the invite to the online test after you submitted the application?


How long did you wait to get the invite to the online tests after you submitted the application form?


How long did you wait to get the invite to the online tests after you submitted the application?


Hello, do you have an idea of what questions you were asked for your video interview?

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Hi, I know this was a few months back but if you’re able to give me an insight into the kind of questions I can expect that would be great! It won’t let me dm you


Hey, struggling to dm you but if you have any tips for the video interview that would be great!


Hi, may i ask what kind of questions were asked for the video interview?