BDO Graduate Programme 2019





still waiting for AC day for about a month… anyone has the same situation?


Yes, I know a friend which does. He has been shortlisted, yet not chosen yet and it has been a long time now. Nearly 2 months


I applied for Moore Stephen, but BDO merged with Moore Stephen, therefore, my position transferred to BDO and just got invitation to do video interview. Would you please give me some insight or question about the video interview?


Hey any tips for the video interview questions you could give me? Im struggling


Me too, what position ? I am also struggling the interview


The video interview questions are not hard compare to PWC video interview questions. Questions I remember are basically about time management, making profits about the company and your skills, etc. My suggestion is just be yourself and it will be fine. Hope that helps. XD


Just wondering anyone is invited to 26th Feb AC? We can maybe paired up to prepare for it. XD