BDO Graduate Programme 2019



I got an email today saying they had a high volume and it was taking them longer than expected. :thinking:


me2, my application was for valuations


Hey all,

I’ve setup up a WhatsApp 0739 9120 442 for anyone who needs help directly with audit/tax/deals. I got my offer from a couple firms a few years back and it was cos people helped me on this so will try my best to do the same.

I might be able to help with interview and ac prep.

Good luck!


Hi, I would like to ask you some questions in regards to the application process but I cant dm you.

Can you please let me know how to get in touch?

thank you


Hey. Would you mind giving me some insight into the video interview questions? I would be so grateful for any advice!


Hey Eleanor_Smith, the majority of the questions that came up can be found on forums from wikijobs/student room (I can’t remember them exactly now as I did it ages ago).

Is anyone STILL awaiting the outcome of whether they have progressed to the AC stage? I received the call that I passed the video interview more than a month ago now and also got the email of the delay around a month ago and still nothing!!


feel free to pm me


Anyone still waiting for an AC date? I was told I’d have an AC late November/early December but I’ve heard nothing.


Hey. Would you mind giving me some insight into the video interview questions please?


Hey. Did you get my message?


I’m in the same position!


Has anyone got invited to the 22 Jan AC?


How long have you received the invitation from BDO after you passing the Video Interview?


Anyone has a BDO AC on the 29th January?!


About a month


Hi gf_kim,

Would you be able to give me an insight on how your BDO AC day went?
What was the structure of the day like?

Its my first AC, so quiet nervous!