BDO Graduate Programme 2019



Oh when is yours? and what programme did u apply for?


I haven’t been given a date yet, I applied for forensic accounting, you?


Oh did they not send u an email to book in your slot? I applied for financial services advisory


Nah not yet, did they send it to you immediately after they called you to tell you passed the video interview?


yes they did


Has anyone done their AC for BDO? I’ve got mine coming up soon. Any advise would very much be appreciated.


Hi there when is your AC?


On 2nd. So this Friday


Oh I see! What have you applied for?


Audit. What about you?


FS advisory! My AC is after yours so I can’t be much help but last year’s forum was really helpful


What dates were you given as options to attend the AC?


8 Nov and 13 nov


Hi all, those of you who have received AC’s… When did you get the calls confirming you passed the video interview? I have applied for the London office btw.


I’m not sure whether that’s going to be different for London but it took a week and a half for me


Okay! Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:


Hi, how did your AC go, if you don’t mind me asking?


Hi! Feel free to dm me


how long after your video interview did you receive a response? I did mine around two weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything :frowning:


I heard back in like 4-5 working days