BDO Graduate Programme 2019


yeah I had the same situation and was eventually invited to an assessment centre, so no need to worry


okay!! Thank you so much !!


Hi, I just submitted VI. May I ask how long do you receive the call after submitting the video interview please? Will BDO send any response emails before that?
Thank you so much!


they called me within one week, and after the call, they send me an email.


Got it. Thank you Caroline!


Hi Red,
Congratulation and best wishes for your Assessment Day! I will have BDO Assessment Centre on 14th May. Could you share your experience regarding AC’s tasks and time when you finish your AC please? Thank you for your help and looking forward to hearing your success!
Good luck mate!


Hi Sophie, I am going to have the Assessment Centre soon. May I ask what’s kind of situations will the partner ask at the final interview? And for the case study, may I know what’s the time for material reading and group discussion please? And how long for the written task? Thank you so much and best wishes for you!


Does anyone has any idea when will be the upcoming AC?


Hi Zoe,

I just received the AC invitation from BDO and will have AC recently.


Hi Caroline,
May I know when did you receive the invitation and when will the AC be held? :slight_smile:


i just received the email several minutes ago, and I choose 29th of May for my AC


Hi there, I just received my invitation for the video interview. Do you mind sharing the questions you came across during the interview? Thanks a lot.


Does anyone have any idea when is the last AC for those who need visa sponsorship? :open_mouth:


Hi Starry,

I guess you’ve already finished the video interview! may I ask what questions were asked?


Hi Caroline,

May i ask what questions were asked during the video interview?


Hi, can I add you wechat? I have also applied BDO and waiting for AC


Anybody going to the AC on 11th of June?


yes of course, please pm me your Wechat ID


Hello, congrats for the AC invitation, do you still remember when did you receive phone call feedback from them for the interview? I am still waiting for for AC invitation …


about a month