BDO Graduate Programme 2019



As there are a few different old topics, let’s make this one as a most recent one. I’m planning to apply for Grant Thornton, BDO and Mazars, just to have safe options in case I don’t get the offer within Big 4. My grades are not so great, so I have to differentiate.

Positions are opened on September 6.

For BDO the application process is:
Online Application Form
Video Interviews
Assessment Day

Please share with us your experience and any tips that you may have. I couldn’t find a lot about BDO’s entire application process. I’ll regularly update this post so that we have the most important information on top.


I was wondering if you’ve already done your numerical test? If so how was it? I noticed that theres 12 questions but no time limit. Instead they recommend you spend 20 minutes. So I’m assuming the best technique is to spend 20/12 per question. What are your thoughts on this?


I am yet to do it but did it last year, basic math and it’s not timed but the quicker and accurate you are, the higher the percentile score you will get. I’ve been practicing answering Capp style questions under 1 min time limit and am seeing improvements in my score. I suggest using assessment day as your test provider, quality website :slight_smile: the key is being quick as that’s what let me down last year when applying for internships but now I’m really focusing on ole management so make sure you practice to avoid making silly mistakes like not reading the Q properly.



I have done the numerical yesterday, it is not complicated but it is good to practice for it and get yourself in that mindset. I got the invitation for the critical reasoning test and preparing for that one. Again, I don’t know if you get those invitations automatically or not.
Regarding the test, I only found one question complicated in a sense that I wasted more than one minute trying to understand it and then I just picked an answer.


Has anyone done the critical reasoning test till now and would be able to provide some feedback?


Anyone know where I can practice CAPP tests for free? I purchased the assessment day numerical tests but unfortunately it doesn’t cover CAPP tests


You can buy the whole package for £39 it’s really good it has Capp vernal and numerical!


Has anyone done the critical reasoning yet? If so do you have any feedback regarding it


I saw some question from real test and they are nothing like those packs that I got (jobtestprep and assessment day) :cry:. I think these packs are good if you want to improve your general numerical skills over time, but somehow every test that I took so far for each company, wasn’t similar to those from these packs and I’ve spent almost two months on practising.


what kind of questions came up?


Has anyone done the Video Interview ?


Could you send me please? I would really appreciate it


Which area did you apply for? And considering you bought those notes I assume you arent just going to send them around? :stuck_out_tongue:


Has anyone done the video interview yet? If so can you provide some insight into it


Do you have any materials related to auditing /assurance? thanks in advance:0)


Can anyone help with the question on the application form about aligning to BDO values?


Hey, does anyone know how many questions they ask for the BDO video interview? And whether there will be a report or case study?


Hiiii^ ^ Could you send me those materials? It will be a lot help​:+1::+1:
My email is


Anybody received AC for BDO?


I have