BDO first stage interview and assessment centre



If anyone has had their first interview, could you please give share some advice and the questions they ask you.
Also can someone please confirm the format of the AC as on the website it says a group task, a presentation and an interview.
However, I keep reading about in-trays/e-tray/ flashcard exercises!





Hi, sorry if this is too late.

My first interview i thought was quite informal and was more like an hour long chat. Basically they will go through your application and ask two or three specific questions from this such as why did you go chose your degree etc. They will also some pretty standard questions about your motivation for the job etc. One thing I would learn is the competencies that are listed on their website as they will be looking for you to mention these at a certain point. And have some previous examples of when you have used…(standard competencies for interviews, such as teamwork etc) as these may be asked and will also be if you have the second interview.

The AC format was an introduction by everyone, a group exercise, a logic exercise with cards, lunch with trainees, a presentation on the group exercise and finally a partner interview. The cards test I was told is the least important part of the day and took the least time- they said that they would only really look at the results if there was two exactly matched people by the end that were going for one job. I wouldn’t worry about it though as there is no real prep you can do and its just using logic to figure it out.


Thanks for your feedback.
For the AC was there any way to prepare for the logic exercises?
Was there an in-tray exercise?


There was no in-tray exercise when I was there.

For the logic cards there is no real way to prepare- as in all the jobs, interviews and ac’s that I went to this was unique to BDO. Its just a simple exercise of working out the variables by extracting the relevant information that is provided to you. I can’t stress enough that this was the least important part of the day when I went and I would focus more on the other aspects such as the group exercise and partner interview.

The best piece of advice would be to try to relax and enjoy the day as everyone I met who worked there was quite relaxed and one of the points of the day is to ensure that you will fit in well with the office/team. This was by far the most enjoyable AC that I went to and it was becasue of the atmosphere and people that made the decesion to accept the job easy.


Thanks for your help MRMRMR.
What questions did the partner ask you?


My partner interview started with them asking a couple of standard questions regarding competencies such as teamwork etc… But even the partner said that she had to and this part didn’t take much longer than 15 minutes. The rest of the time was spent talking about me generally and the choices that I had made in my life with reference to what i had said in my first interview so I would try and be consistent. Also the partner asked me to talk about some relevant economic world events/stories at the time and how that related to their business and their clients, so I would prepare something for this if it does happen.


hi, I have my AC coming up on thursday and I have absolutely no time to prepare for it.
any tips would be great!