BDO First Round Interview 2016


Hi guys! I have a first round interview with BDO for full time Audit position coming up next week!
Just looking for any advice/hints/tips/information regarding the interview for those who have already had theirs.
Was it all competency based, and if so what type of questions were there? Did they ask anything else other than competency??

Any sort of help would be hugely appreciated!


Hi LondonStudent. Did you check out this page?

Best of luck!


How many interviewers did you guys have and when did you find out the outcome?


I had one interviewer and found out a week or so later


Hi, has anyone got any inufo about the 2016 December Audit role in Technlogy and Media? I applied on 1st November and still waiting for the online test invitation. Has the position been filled or are they still waiting for more applicants?