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Hi I have an interview coming up for BDO financial services graduate scheme 2015 intake. Just wondering if anyone has attended one of these and what questions/type of questions they would ask ? I know it’s competency based but other than that I couldn’t find much info. Thanks !


I had an interview with BDO last year, and it was pretty much all competency-based and motivation questions. Just ask me anything you want.


Hi nickgracek thanks for the reply. Could you tell us what questions you were asked last year ?


It was a tough one for me. First, they asked me questions like why do you want to join BDO, skills and knowledge that you have developed, why have you chosen that particular discipline. These were the okay ones.
Then, they started asking me so so many competency-based questions, like give an example of when you have had to face a conflict of interest at work, or about a time when you failed to complete a task or project on time, despite intending to do so.
Another question was give a specific example of when you have had to influence a colleague to your way of thinking or change his view significantly or describe a time when you had to analyse a range of information sources in order to draw a conclusion. So many competency based questions. Send me a pm and I can help you significantly with these questions.


Hi guys snkhuong_1

snkhuong_1 hope your first interview went well and you’ve been invited for the AC for BDO. I do apologize for hi jacking your thread. Can anyone give me some insight with regards to the in tray and group exercise for BDO. I know the group exercise is focused on a real client situation, has anyone had any experience with this (specifically for BDO) ? The intray entails two tasks as mentioned on the grad recruitment website. Is this partly replying to emails & other items and maybe the other half being writing a short report. They do say they want to test your written communication. If anyone could share their post AC feedback or insights I would greatly appreciate it.

Mr Compliance


Hello, Please I have an interview with BDO coming up for client admi role, please do you know what the questions might be


Hey Mr Compliance I have got invitation to the AC in London as well but they said they haven’t planned anything for that stage yet and they would tell me the date later. Have you been invited to the AC as well ? Do you know which date is it yet ? I passed my 1st interview 2 weeks ago and they still haven’t told me the date and time…


Hi! I have an interview for 2016 intake and wanted to know what questions they asked! Would you like to give any insights on what I should prepare?


Hi I have an interview this Wednesday, April 20, 2016. Can you please give me an advice on how to answer properly to the questions? Thanks!


hey how was your interview? :slight_smile: