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Hi All,

I wondered whether anybody might be able to help regarding the Assessment Day for the BDO Audit Technician role, perhaps someone who did it last year?

I’ve been told that it will involve a partner interview, group exercise, and ice-breaker, and will take only 3 hours compared to the graduate day. I just wondered whether the interview and group exercise are any different to the graduate ones? On the day of the first interview we were told that the online tests had a much lower pass-mark than the graduate equivalents, so perhaps the AC is also less intense??

Any advice/tips/etc gratefully received!


I am on the same boat. the person that interviewed me said this is a new position. So they are not sure about all the details yet. but in terms of graduate position i am assuming that same interview techniques will be used. HOWEVER i must add that my first interview was nothing like i had read here. the competency questions where nothing like what was advised. I had prepared way too much on the company details. I did alright and have been forwarded for the assesment day. how did your first interview went?


Pretty well overall I think, though I can never tell with these things! By the time I’d been through my employment history I had answered a lot of the competency questions already, which I guess is fairly positive. I expect the company details will come in handy at the AC if the graduate experiences are anything to go by…I guess we’ll be able to let everyone on here know how it works for future reference! Which office are you applying to?


i’ve applied to London office. How about you? When is you AC?



Have you both had your AC yet, i have an AC for the reading office and was wondering whther you could tell me of your experiences there


The day starts with 15 mins presentation about the company. Then you have to introduce the person next to you.

then you get devided into 2 groups. both groups have to have an interview with a partner and do a group work case study. It depends which group you are in, you will have to do partner interview first and then gropu work or vice versa.

the day starts at 10 and finishes around 1pm. it goes really fast. The atmosphere is really relaxed so dont worry about anything.

I had partner interview first: partner will ask you about you and your cv … why the degrees or A levels you did… why you chose your work etc… and then ask you you why BDO, have you applied anywhere else, and what type of team player are you. my interviewer was very nice, he was relaxed and made me comfortable. its best that you know about the company just incase the ask you cooperate questions. they didnt ask me any: my first interviewer told me that there will be cooperate questions but there was none. i dont think they asked anyone else on the day either.

i think the interview was about 50 mins.

then group work: you get a case study. read every thing- you get 15 mins. then you need to come up with solutions as to how to improve the company. see what the company is offering and try to match them with your options. you need to link them. dont be affraid you didnt understand what your team memeber was trying to say, that shows that in real life you will not hesitate to ask for support. this guy in my team he had good ideas but he couldnt explain them properly so i asked him sorry i dont understand. it also gives the other memeber the chance to explain himself properly.

dont just sit there… make comments. get involved. you can either sit there quietly and they say ok this person wont fit in or you can get your hands messy and get involved. when you are giving ideas always refer back to the case study.

this will take an hour.


Be yourself: they are after personality. trust me. I was all me- happy, outgoing- friendly. made contatcs and encouraged other ppl to talk.

Know the company: even if they dont ask you question about the company then you can always relate your answers to what they are looking for.

dont just sit there: dont just sit there in the group excercise. get involved. even if you have studpid ideas, as long as you try to express yourself and give examples to back you up you’ll be fine.

Most importantly… be yourself!!! i know i said that already but believe me they are after personality not just qualification and experience. There were all sorts of ppl there over qualified and under qualified. you need to stand out.

I did all this… the partner practically offered me the job in the interview. 2 hours later from the AC I received a call from them offering me the position. BEST DAY EVER.

i really love the company and its what i always wanted make sure you are not wasting your time if BDO is not for you. they can see through all that. they were ppl there that just wanted to get a name on their CV and go work somewhever else. even to me they looked transparant.

think before all this make the right decision.

Best of luck.

First Thing you should do is to read everything about the company. you need to show you are aware of them.


looks like the post above answered your question pretty well! Definitely agree about the being yourself and making sure you’re outgoing in the group exercise…I researched the company a lot but didn’t make much use of the information in all honesty - I think so long as you can understand what they do and what they can offer then that’ll be sufficient - Good Luck!

Y12992 - congratulations! I guess I’ll be meeting you in August!


thank you… im so happy. see you in august. :slight_smile:



congrats to u both and thanks a lot for the info, i got my Ac tomm. and i really want to get into BDO as well. again thank you so much.


oh by the way, did u guys have a presentation as well…


No presentation at mine, don’t think they do that with this role…best of luck! If you think of anything we haven’t covered, PM me, but within the next couple of hours otherwise I probably won’t pick it up in time!



Thank you, in the email they sent, they mentioned, group discussion, presentation excercise and partner interview. but i think they just used the general email for the graduate AC day. just feeling a bit nervous, how was your partner interview??

i got through pwc assement centre but i didnt get thru the partner interview, as he thought i was very relaxed. i am just abt finishing my ACCA and looking to be an auditor. hope all goes well.