BDO AUDIT 2014 intake



There seems to be very little information on BDO, so let me start this thread.
I have been through the 1st round interview and progressed to the assessment centre. So at first, I’ll share my experience here:

The 1st round interview is a face-to-face interview with a manager from the service line and business area you applied to. My interview lasted about 45min and my interviewer was very nice. It was quite conversational, started with some CV-based questions, such as why you chose your subject. And then 4 competency-based questions (one for each required competency listed on their website) and if you reviewed all threads regarding BDO on Wikijob, there would be no supurising questions for you. After this, there were some motivational questions, such as why audit/BDO, what do you know about the ACA qualification, why BDO over other firms, etc.
That’s it. I have to say BDO’s interview will make you feel very comfortable!

Now I would like to know whether anyone have experience on BDO’s assessment centre? I reviewed all threads regarding this on the forum but unfortunately they were all about things before 2011. The structure now is changed and includes group exercise, in-tray, presentation and partner interview.

Can anyone share some experience on these tasks? especially the format of in-tray exercise and group exercise



I had an assessment centre on the 24th October for the Southampton 2014 Audit intake so hopefully I can provide some assistance.

It started with the icebreaker, so just converse with the other applicants, are given some questions to ask applicant next to you (my case were two others because had odd number) then have to tell what you found to the group. This isn’t assesed but I would suggest as is the first chance to make an impression be confident and be yourself.

Next was the group exercise.This was a 1 hour exercise, the first 15 mins was for personal prep (no strict rules on this just was suggested to spend 15 working alone). Here had a large booklet of information about a firm (text, graphs and numerical info), I didn’t read it all in detail just tried to get key points down and understand what was going on. At the end are 10 potential projects to suggest. As a group, have to decide 4 projects to help meet objectives and also further ways in which BDO could assist, so make sure are aware of all BDO services and what can offer.

Then straight after this was the intray. This was an hour again, first 40 mins on points to address and last 20 on a letter to client. I was really worried about this part! You are taking over a job on behalf of your colleague and are provided lots of info (emails, invoices, letters etc) and have to identify actions points. I prioritised key areas and just made sure what I wrote was clear and concise. I don’t know how much info can provide but would advise just to stay calm get key points down and make sure can read your writing. (I found this very useful for intray exercise:

After this was presentation, I had produced some slides with basic info that would build on, with a cover sheet and bound it. I also made sure that i wasn’t reading of a sheet but had cue cards. After 20 mins may be asked questions on your presentation, I had covered all areas so we just had a chat about BDO (not interview style) and his time (manager) at BDO.

The interview was last and this was meant to be 45 mins. However mine was only 30 and apparently it isn’t unusual to be shorter. Mine was 3 competency questions and then questions about work experiences etc from my application. This lasted about 15 minutes and then he asked if I had any questions, so I would advise that have a lot ready, even if are ones have asked already.

The whole day had a really good and friendly atmosphere and made you feel very comfortable.

I would make sure are just yourself and don’t act up for the assessors as they will notice this straight away.

I hope this helps!


for some reason my last post omitted BDO from text a few times, so if it seems disjointed that is why.


did it again, omits - (BDO)


Thanks soooooo much!!!hope you can make it through and get your offer!!


No problem! Glad I can help as I faced same problems with not much recent data. Of you have any more questions fire away.
Thanks, I have heard back already.
What office are you applying to?


Can some of you guys tell me how long did you have to wait after your first interview before BDO told you the outcome?


my own experience is that during the interview, the interviewer told me I passed


Ah does not look good for me then! Had mine yesterday morning and although I thought it went well, I am yet to hear anything.


Told me there and then but I know others who were told a few days after! I wouldn’t worry


Just got a call from BDO telling me that I was successful! Now onto the AC next week.


congratulations on progressing to AC! good luck!


Hey guys, I have a first round interview tomorrow for a graduate assurance placement. I have looked for a few threads, but just wondering if anyone has any extra advice? Or have had a recent interview and can tell me some questions?
I’m so nervous! Been preparing but still not sure.


Hey guys, I have a first round interview tomorrow for a graduate assurance job. I have looked for a few threads, but just wondering if anyone has any extra advice? Or have had a recent interview and can tell me some questions?
I’m so nervous! Been preparing but still not sure.


Hi, how long did you have to wait to hear back from your online application? I’m sure I read it said 2 working days but it’s been about a week and a half now and I’ve not heard anything! Do they let you know either way…?


I think it took around 4 days to find out, hmm a week and a half seems long :confused: they are pretty busy at the moment, maybe email them to ask?


you will find out either way :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply, I’ll probably give them an email in the morning :slight_smile: It says “resume received” on the online thing and that hasn’t changed since I first submitted it! Oh well, will find out eventually, I guess!


Did the online tests for them- maths and verbal- have heard nothing more since!


Can anyone please direct me to where I can find a client list for BDO please?