BDO Assessment Day



I have been invited to attend a BDO assessment centre on Wednesday.

I have only attended one assessment day before, at PwC, which didn’t go too well, so I’m feeling very nervous about this one!

I have read previous posts relating to the structure of the day at BDO but I have a few more questions which I was wondering if anyone can answer?

– Is the partner interview a mix of competancy and commercial questions? Or more one than the other? Any examples of questions asked?
– I have read up on the services BDO offers for the group exercise. I was wondering how much previous knowledge is necessary for this exercise? For the group exercise at PwC they don’t assume any previous knowledge of the industry or even what the services the firm offers
– The presentation relates to the group exercise, right? Does this require more of your own input and ideas?

Any advice relating to this assessment day would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Katherine :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much about PwC… If it was your first assessment day just put it down to experience and use it to think about what you can improve on for the BDO day.

Have you seen the wiki profiles for BDO? If not, these may answer your questions! …have a look here - BDO Stoy Hayward Interview Questions | WikiJob - BDO Stoy Hayward | WikiJob .

Good luck!


I have done an assessment centre at BDO.

I think I was asked about one competency question and one commercial question. As other people have said, the partner interview is less formal and even quite friendly.

If you’ve read up on services offered by BDO, then you’re probably more prepared than most! I think that’s about all you can prepare for the day. I suppose you can demonstrate some general industry/commerical awareness in the group exercise, but essentially you need no previous knowledge.

I guess you could introduce more of your ideas in the presentation, but the main task is to present the group’s ideas.

The people at my assessment centre were all really nice - they appreciate it’s a long stressful day, so they try to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Try not to worry too much!



For me the partner interview started off by him going through EVERYTHING I had written on my form and asking general questions about me e.g. my family, how I found my subjects at uni etc. So starts off quite relaxed, though I would still advise not to get too relaxed as there are questions that they might ask that are secretly probing for competencies/seeing how you make choices.

I didn’t have any commercial awareness questions at all. I don’t think BDO care at all about commercial awareness like the Big 4 seem to, it was never mentioned at all. Though I did bring up a few issues relating to recent tax news simply cos they interested me, but you don’t have to do this.

I was asked 3 competency questions. It was like the first interview, where they have a sheet of questions they can ask and he just picked questions from them. Apparently, the questions are based around their values and the competencies listed on their website, so have a look at those.

You don’t need any prior knowledge for the group exercise, it isn’t technical at all. Just like reading a story in the newspaper and coming up with ideas etc. They give you questions at the end to guide you on how to approach the discussion.

The presentation DOES relate to the group exercise, BUT you don’t have to present about what the group agreed on at all. I asked before the presentation, and it is perfectly alright to talk about stuff that YOU think. It was clear from my perspective in the group discussion to the assesor that I didn’t agree with the group decision (which I went along with at the time anyway). SO I went completely the opposite direction to what the group agreed on in my presentation, and still got the job offer.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I have an assessment centre at BDO coming up very soon. I understand that the day would include an SHL fast track exercise, a group exersise, presentation and a partner interview. I just want to know more about the Fast track exersise and how to prepare for it? for example what kind of questions were inculded? Also i would like to know more about the group exercise? Any help would be much appreciated!!!



hey happy,

I also have an assessment day coming up, when and where is yours for?

From what i ahve read you cannot prepare for the fast track exercise it is simply a logical test that you do whilst the other group are doing the group exercise. as a bit of an AC veteran groupd exercies do not require prep either. all the info will be given on the day and it is not the decision you amke that is important but how the group (mostly you) perform to reach the decision.

hope this helps?


thanks beverage,

Mine is for the audit line, and it’s on the 11th march. when is yours?


internal audit this thursday, where have you applied to? iv applied to southampton


ive got an assessment centre coming up for business restructure at bdo was wondering if there are any good links to case studies