BDO App form question


Just got to the degree modules section, usually these forms ask for Year, Name of Module and Grade, but I’ve got:


What should I be putting in here? I have 6 subjects in year 1, and 7 in years 2 and 3 respectively

Any help much appreciated


Perhaps this refers to the weighting for each year of your degree when calculating your final mark?


I honestly don’t know what weighting first year subjects have on my degree (if any)

I don’t want to email or phone them for help either in case the solution is really easy and I look stupid for asking

I just don’t understand why they don’t seem to want to know what the subject was you studied, just the grade?!


Any ideas? need to submit this asap


Its just asking what classifacation (1st, 2:1) you achieved in each year - the average of all your modules that year. Also how much it counts towards you degree, so if your first year doesn’t count put down 0%, etc.

So say you got a 2:1 in all 3 years, and say the 1st year didn’t count towards your degree with 2nd being 1/3 weighted and 3rd year being 2/3’s you’d stick down

1st 2:1 0%
2nd 2:1 33%
3rd 2:1 66%


Cheers mazmaz, so I don’t need to put down the 6 or 7 subjects?

For example I done 6 modules in first year, so I don’t need to do:
first year x% 0%
first year x% 0%
first year x% 0%

I should just do:

first year Average % 0%
second year Average % 0% (I think 2nd year is 0% in GCU)
third year Average % 1/3rd or something?

edit: There are alot of rows actually, maybe I should list individually?

edit again: Tried just putting in the years etc like I gave in first example but whenever I go to move on it says please enter a subject for module 13 etc etc, technical fault or something?


hmm…Well i applied and did it the way I have described and I’ve got an interview :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure if they require individual marks some time they’ll ask :slight_smile:


So you just ignored the 15 rows and done one for each year?


What did you end up doing Chris0288??

Im filling this out now and not sure which way to do it.

Also a more general question about 1st and 2nd year grades. I got 2.2 in 1st and 2nd year, however 1st year counts for nothing, and 2nd year only 14%. Will they see the 2.2 in the last 2 years and be less likely to accept me?


I done basicly:
first 2:1 0
second 2:1 0
third 2:1 30%

I got an email a couple of days later saying tax in glasgow was full, would I like my app to be put forward to tax in Manchester or audit in Glasgow, so I said audit Glasgow.
next day got the general your rubbish we don’t want you email lol

Awww this job hunting thing is crap


Intriguing- do you reckon audit at Glasgow was the wrong answer?


Looks like it!

Maybe it was just full or better candidates, gutting though I do like the look of BDO, I suppose emailing to ask to be put forward to manchester now is a bit daft?


From what I gather tax is more competitive and also gives a marginally higher salary for graduate trainees. But still, I’m surprised they’d give you the option to choose and then reject you so simply…

I had a similar situation. I was lined up for an audit interview in London and then got told the positions had been filled up. I chose to take the case up with BDO Birmingham instead, thinking that perhaps what they want to see is commitment to my service line. Maybe I chose right. At any rate, when the interview finally came they thought I failed to show enthusiasm and knowledge of Birmingham, and sure enough I was dropped.

I think we both became career orphans when the intake filled up.

Good luck in the future Chris, I’m sure there are still many open doors.


Would it be a bad idea to email back to see if being put forward to Manchester is a go’er?

or bad idea and look desperate?


You have nothing to lose, I suppose.