BCOM, LLB, MBA, What next to get a job



I have done B.COM(Bachelor of Commerce - 3 year full time), LLB (Bachelor of Laws - 3 year full time) and MBA (Finance - 2 year full time) from India. All the three qualifications have been earned in First Class (> 60% marks).
Now I am in UK and want to do job here. I have legal right to work in UK.

I am not sure where should I start from ?
Which industry I should search jobs in?
How do I search for jobs effectively ?
Should I search for graduate trainee programs ?

I am equality good in Accounting and Law but a little bit poor in Communication. I Prefer Finance over Law.
None of my degrees have been acquired in UK rather in India.
I am ready to do part time studies to gain any relevant qualification in UK but do not know what to do or what my options are?

Could any one please guide me ?



You a need a PhD studied in the UK.


ACCA qualification is right for you since it combines Accounting and Law
It is not a full time study, so you would be able to find a job
Try for banks, since once you get into a bank, they will fund you for be a FSA accredited (Its a mandatory requirement for people dealing with Investments, mortgage advisor and so on, they are known as regulated roles)
Once done with your ACCA, you should be able to get good opportunities
Kaplan Financial is the best for specialized professional courses like ACCA, CFA and so on
The following is their website


i want to apply job in goldman sach