I have been invited to the first round interviews for BCG. Just was wondering if anyone else had been invited too? Has anyone had previous experience about them?


there isnt a deadline for BCG is there??


In case you are still wondering, I went through the first round last year. There were 2 interviews, a combination of fit/CV and a case study, for about 50 minutes each. I don’t remember the specifics on the fit questions, but it wasn’t anything tricky (it was my first interview ever and I felt fine when answering them), so just make sure you know your standard answers. Cases were pretty easy, in fact - too easy. I screwed up on the final case because I didn’t even realize that it had begun. I though that the person was asking preliminary questions, so I didn’t take my time to think about them and present a structured answer, but rather blurted out the most obvious ones. When I got my feedback, it was obvious that that is where I messed up. Another tip - keep in mind your body language and voice control - show them that you are enjoying the process and that you love problem-solving. Hope this helps, let me know if there are any other questions.



just got rejected from BCG first round – i thought i did well…


Any more insight into BCG first round would be appreciated…


I got accepted for a first round interview for an IT specialist role within their IT department in their london office. There was 3 rounds, the 1st consisted of an email organisation and priority managing, replying to each email and stating their priority and how you priortised them. the 2nd round was to write a review about a favorite gadget, the organiser said i can write about literally any gadget, whether it be an ipad, iphone etc etc, i wrote about Digiscribble, awesome product! The 3rd and final round consisted of a 2 on 1 interview where by senarios and technical questions where asked. I can say i successfully got accepted to the next and final round after they stated they were impressed by my review and found that i’d be best suited for them in the sense that they could mould me better, but after all that unfortunately they did not proceed, their reasons where of that i lacked experience, i mean ‘I’m a Graduate’… in being a Graduate where does experience come into place?

Just sharing my experience with you, their office is right behind Selfridges Department store London and i must say it’s beautiful inside and they do have great career opportunities. After all they are ranked Number 2 in Fortune 500 best places to work in the world! Number 4 Google!