BBC Vision Talent Pool


Hey guys, I have my interview etc. in 2 weeks for the runner role.

Does anyone actually know how many people will be successful?
I’m assuming there will be a lot of people there.

Am curious to hear back from those of you who went today!


Hi Steg!

I had mine today and it went fine! They’re really lovely there and it is quite informal but just make sure you have prepared whatever they’ve asked you to prepare and be confident!
Therell be a lot of people going for the runner roles so just try to stand out and show you have a great work ethic!

Good luck!!


Mine was today too went well though.
The group task was interesting, and the Diagrammatical Reasoning test (runners task) was not to difficult either.
The interview its self flew by and was very engaging, and involvement from the interviewers. If your unsure of any question or not sure the angle they are after just ask and they will explain, which ultimately helps in answering the whole question.
I’d say just be your self and relax.


Oh, congratulations! I haven’t got an email yet so I guess the hope is dying/dead for me… alas, I shall give it a go next year, but hope it goes really well for you :slight_smile: I shall still be following this thread with eager eyes!

Edit: Confirmed by email today that I didn’t get in. Oh well! Better luck to you all :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Been a bit absent on here of late, trying to get over my chest problems, but much better now. How did everyone find the interviews? Does anyone know how long they’ll take to tell us if we are successful/unsuccessful?


That’s a good question, umbongo.

Also, how long were your interviews?
and did they talk about scenarios, or was it like a basic interview?

Mine’s not for a while and I’m getting excited.
Also, I don’t know what to wear, ugh =]


Hi everybody…
The interview days for the Runners pool are broken down as follows;
Group task scenario: 45mins
Inductive Reasoning test: 20mins
Actual interviews (3 main questions asked) 20-30minutes
There is time before each part for a drink etc and they also take your picture.

The group task was interesting, it was a scenario that your groups plane had crashed in the desert and you had to decide as a group 5 items from a list to take.

The diagrammatical reasoning test is average, I’d say don’t spend to much time on one question as there are 40 of them, if you don’t know the answer then don’t guess randomly.

The interviews were very informal and relaxed, I had two very nice people; a talent manager and a productions manager. I imagine interview questions will vary between each group? Just know for certain what you put on your application as its in their hand throughout the whole interview.

Any questions give us a shout… I’m still waiting back, it can take up to 2 weeks to hear back from them, I have my fingers crossed and poised at every phone call and e-mail…


Ah, awesome info, thanks!

Yeah, I thought they would have our applications handy, will have to re-read that because I filled it in quite a while ago and probably waffled on a bit about all sorts.

Do you reckon they’ll wait for all the interviews etc. to be done before they phone you or start filling positions straight away? In that case you’d have to wait ages =[

Good luck, anyway =]



I’m hope the info will come in handy, I came onto this post to hopefully get an idea before I went to my interview, but now I’ve been I’ll share my experiences.
The interviews for Birmingham were held over 2 days over 4 session with a total of 32 people. I guess it will take some time to narrow it down and inform people, it states on the application you’ll hear from them before the end of March…that could mean 30th March.

I’ll post back if I hear any more news, I think my fingers are actually fused together now they have been crossed for so long :wink:



Oh and one other thing for the people going for the Runners Pool I found this link with more example and test questions for the Inductive Reasoning test you will have to do.
Check it out it’ll help…


I’m in!!! :slight_smile:


I’m in tooo, got the e-mail an hour ago!
Where you at Umbongo?


Hi guys,

Yes yes me too! Congratulations to you both!

Im going to be based in London but need to finish Uni first!! Will sort things out with the talent manager though.

It hasn’t sunk yet, it doesn’ feel real!


Congrats everybody, fancy us 3 all getting in! Will be interesting now to see what arises form this, can’t wait! I wonder how many people have been taken in from each location? There were at least 30 applicants for Birmingham, so could this translate to 5-10??


congratulations guys… unfortunately i got an email saying i was unsuccessuful.

hope everything goes well for you all, and it’ll be interesting to see what you guys get to do, so will be nice to keep this thread going

good luck :slight_smile:


I have my interview in London for the runner pool next week and am massively stressing out about it. Was hoping someone who had already had their interview could give me some info on the questions they asked at the interview? did they grill you a lot on your responses? What was the group task like? Sorry for all these questions and congrats to everyone who has been successful. Thanks!!


First of all, congratulations to the people that got in!

To those who didn’t, keep trying, I guess =] It says in the e-mail they keep your records for 12 months anyway, which is kind of cool.

@Barley55 Which day is your interview? Mine’s Wednesday. Try not to freak out too much, sometimes it’s good not to be too prepared so that you can just be yourself.
Sismtihin already sort of outlined what happens on the day, that should help you.

So to those who got in, what are the details? Where are you going, when? =D


Congrats to flordialovebug and sismtihin.

Have you guys had a call for interview yet? I got an email today asking me to attend on friday, not the greatest amount of prep time! So nervous, I didn’t expect to hear from them this soon. I expect we’ll all be going on a lot of these over the next year!

p.s good luck for all those with runners interviews this week.



I haven’t hear anything form them since I got the e-mail. I sent back the form with references on etc.
So they want you to go in for another interview? What did they say on the phone? Is it just to formally go through everything?



I haven’t hear anything form them since I got the e-mail. I sent back the form with references on etc.
So they want you to go in for another interview? What did they say on the phone? Is it just to formally go through everything?