BBC Vision Talent Pool



I have my assessment centre for the BBC Vision Talent Pool next week and I was just wondering if anyone else on here has got an interview or is an ex talent pool-er with any tips? I’ve had an interview with the BBC before, so I know I can expect a grilling!



I can’t help with advice I’m afraid, but was just wondering when you heard from them?

I sent my application on the 24th but haven’t heard a peep back yet. The website says they were hoping to do call backs last week, so just wondered.

Sorry to be a complete pain!

Thanks in advance.


Hi Bodger,

I got my email last thurday (18th). I think it depends on what region you applied for and perhaps what role (runner or PMA). Amongst the job info, it says they are interviewing until the 19th of March. I applied for London, but if you applied for one of the other regions, then I just dont think they have notified the candidates yet as they are interviewing later. Or else just email HR at


Hi Umbongo!

I also have my interview etc this week (Thurs 4th March) and was wondering if you had found out anymore information about the day itself? As there certainly seems to be a lack of information on all of the student forums!

Quite scary isn’t it…

I had an interview for an advertising agency and was sadly rejected at the 2nd phase so I am hoping the Beeb’s one is not so gruelling!!

When is yours? Have you been doing the practice numerical tests?




I know what you mean, there is hardly any info out there, thats why I thought I start this topic. I’ve just been preparing for it like any other interview and just researching the role/ company, having prepared answers to common questions etc. I love the bit in the FAQs section where it states that you dont have to prepare anything in advance for the assessment centre!!!

Maths isn’t my strong point but I’ve just bee doing practice tests and using guide books. Do you think it will be mainly data interpretation like seems to suggest?

My assessment is on tuesday, and my biggest challenge for getting this job is just being able to attend, as I have spectacularly managed to crack my ribs and develop a chest infection over the course of this weekend! I think I’ll just be happy if I make it there now!


Yeah, Ive been doing the same really but that maths test is really getting to me! I am shockingly bad at maths and am struggling with the tests so it will be a stroke of luck if I did get through!

I can’t believe all that has happened to you and its on Tuesday! Just make sure you get lots of rest and I am sure you will be fine!

Have you applied for PMA too then?



i also have my interview next week as well, so nervous for it, and not sure how to prepare really… not much information is given, like how long will individual interviews last? I wonder what the group excercise will be about.


Hello guys,

Can I just confirm you all went for the PMA job and not the runner positions in London? I applied for the runners and haven’t heard back at all! My friend went for the PMA but got a rejection letter already so I don’t know whether I should keep waiting or ring them up and check they didn’t forget me.

And good luck for your interviews, whatever they’re for! :slight_smile:


Hi loulou and Epiq!

@ loulou

Well I should imagine that the interview will last around 40 minutes as that usually how long these types of interviews last. Gruelling I know! That flies by though when you’re in the room babbling away! Have you found as well that on the same test comes up? Or am I being a little bit dumb…? I am not too sure how to get more practice!!

@ Epiq

Hello! Well I would give them a ring as they are really helpful when you call and I am sure they will help you out. I have my interview for PMA Londond and I assume the other have too!



Hi everybody
I’ve got an interview at Birmingham on Thursday. I’ve been looking around online for anything related about the interview/assessment and found this.

I’m not a nervous person but this is really testing my nerves. I don’t really know what to expect at all, the info is a little vague.
Im going into the Birmingham tomorrow to have a coffee with a friend who directs Inside Out - Midlands for some inside tips/advice.

For the Runners job it states the only test will be the 'Inductive/Diagrammatical Reasoning test" is there more the the PMA interview then?

Good luck everybody :slight_smile:


@floridalovebug and eqip

Yeah, I applied for PMA and around this time tomorrow it will be over, thank god. I dont think my nerves can stand any more!

Good luck all X


I rung the BBC today as suggested by you guys, and it turns out the Runners positions for London haven’t been shortlisted yet, so there’s still hope for all those who haven’t heard back yet =) Apparently they had a lot more applications than expected! He also said we may hear back sometime this week, but he didn’t specifically confirm as definite that so don’t hold me to it!

You must let me know what the interviews are like :slight_smile:


See Epiq now you can rest a little!

Yes guys, it would be AMAZING if you could let us know what to expect as I am going out of my mind a little.

I came over my next obstacle today, turns out that you have to have graduated to apply for the PMA role but I am still in my final year…My tutor had told me that I could defer my placement until I finish (which would only be 2 months later anyway) but on the website it is only applicable for runners :S:S. I am just going to go anyway and try my best and see what they can do!!

Do you think they would just reject me outright because of this??




yes i have applied for the PMA role as well! seems like there is going to be so many people in the day, and in general so many people have applied as they had 5days of interviewing. Well i guess we’ll find out soon!. I wonder how many people they will eventually employ… as theres so many people being interview.

good luck everyone, its nearly time


@ loulou

So when is yours then luvvy? Are you going for the London one too?


Hay! I hope today went well for you and that you actually made it in!! Let me know how it went (mainly the maths test - like how long etc) !!



yea mines on thursday and for the london pma, not long now

umbongo, how did yours go today?, hope i went well for you :smiley:


So has anybody had their interviews/assessments yet?
There is a bit more info here and on the links to the right.

Would be good to hear from somebody that has completed their interview/assessment, as mine is tomorrow (Thursday)



Thanks for that! I’ll have a look when I’m at my computer later!

What time is yours tomorrow? I’m in the afternoon so have all the morning to wait and cry!
I still can’t get my head around th maths…oops. Oh well I guess its all about experience!
Umbongo (above) had one on Tuesday but he hasn’t been on since :s. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!
Anyway best of luck to you all! Maybe see you tomorrow to crack the group problem!


I’ve been preparing questions and answers all week and really knuckled down today doing mind maps and other things to really embed it into my head so I don’t freeze or mess up.
I’m at 12:30 tomorrow but at Birmingham, so wont get to see you.
I wish you the best of luck, I’m sure we’ll be on here to share experiences tomorrow evening though.