BBC PTS 2011


Hi everybody,

Thought it’d make sense to start a new topic to discuss this year’s PTS. I’ve got a few questions that I’m sure nobody knows the answers to, but will get some discussion going!

Sent my audio pitch off yesterday, how did everybody else find it?

Do you think that our application questions have even been read yet, or did you just have to ‘pass’ the VRT to be invited to submit a pitch?

Also, has anybody here also applied for The Network, or been before?



Good idea setting this thread up.

I found the pitch fun but challenging; who knows what they are looking for…How did everyone else find it?

I thought I had failed the VRT, the real test was so much harder than the practise questions, so maybe the test and the app form are equally weighted?

As for the network I am in the process of applying but don’t really understand what it is I am applying for - is it just to get a ticket to the Edinburgh Television Festival?


I spent the whole day researching my idea and writing the pitch on Sunday as I’d had no time until then! I don’t think it was my best idea ever, but it fit one of the commissioning briefs. The PTS site says they are marking on creative ideas and oral communication skills, so hopefully it comes across okay.

I just find it hard to believe that they would have read through every applicant’s questions in the short gap between the VRT deadline and the day we all found out whether we passed or not. (I’m assuming that there’s 1000s of applicants.)

I don’t think a pass was 100%, I reckon I got one or two wrong - the last one in particular was nothing like any of the others and was completely designed to confuse!

I applied for The Network last year, got into the top 10% but didn’t get on it. It’s an event which runs alongside the festival. They have 150 places and they put you up and feed you for the 4 days you’re there - completely free. They run different workshops each day with high profile people from TV. Presenters, companies, etc, and it covers everything from being on screen to editing. Looks like lots of fun!

I am determined to get something that I apply for this year! Have had over a year of rejections so fingers crossed! I work full time too, so trying to fit it all in is part of the challenge!

Have you just finished a degree or are you in work like me too?


Fingers crossed. Have you applied for the PTS before? I read somewhere that they had about 4000 applicants last year, so they have probably had even more this year. I pretty much just had the weekend to do mine, once I had finally decided on an idea.

I see what you mean about the VRT deadline. How long do you think we will have to wait now to find out about the next round? I am presuming about a month?

The Network sounds great, I have heard a lot of good things about it. I presume there is another stage after the application form? I got an email this morning saying the deadline has extended, so we have a bit longer to fill it in.

I am just coming to the end of my third year at Uni so just snowed under with revision and essays - the BBC application is all I can think about though! Where are you working?


Pretty much the same with me, my CV is in the BBC North pool but it seems like they have had hundreds, probably thousands of CVs. At least the PTS has a structured application process so we know where we are with this one (sort of!)

Are you going to apply for the 4Talent scheme? Applications don’t open until May - here is the link if you haven’t seen it:

I wonder why the Network extended the deadline. Maybe everyone has left their applications to the last minute and they haven’t had as many applications as they hoped for. Have you sent yours off yet?

Secondary school teaching sounds fun but brave; if I did any teaching I think I would opt for primary!


I missed out on applying for PTS last year. Applied for the VIP 2010 but didn’t get anywhere with that. My CV is in the BBC North pool though.

I reckon we’ll hear something around the end of May but they notoriously under estimate how long it will take them!

There’s only the application form for The Network, so the extra time is definitely helpful just to make sure that it will stand out from the crowd. Once they’ve gone through them all, they email out with their decision. I got the generic rejection last year and a separate one saying I was top 10% but didn’t quite make it. Frustrating but good to get some sort of feedback for once!

I’m 22 but believe it or not teach in a secondary school and have done since I was 19. Started teaching Drama and was then asked to start up Media. On top of that I do all the technical theatre and any filming of school events on and off site, so it’s pretty non-stop! TV production is where I’d love to be though.


Yeah I read somewhere that there’s around 500 jobs for thousands and thousands of applicants in the BBC North pool. Agree with you on that one!

I applied for the C4 PTS last year, with Objective Productions, but didn’t get anywhere. Hoping to apply again this year. It’s hard to fit the start dates around leaving my current job, but I figure I’ll work that out if I ever get to that point!

I’ve not even got round to starting to write mine yet, will be doing that this week. I have a feeling they’ve done some last minute promotion and want to get more people applying.

It is really fun and I do love the teaching part, but some of the other stuff involves lots of red tape which can really put a dampener on everything. The kids say some hilarious things and it’s good to have a bit of banter! I could never do primary - I’m patient, but not that patient! You get the human level with teenagers!

Have you done any work experience anywhere before? I take it you’re studying media?

Something’s happened to the order of the posts in here - strange!


Biochemistry! Nice move into TV!

I’m not convinced they’ve read the application questions. Say 3000 people have applied, it’d normally take them months to get through those kinds of numbers. I think the pitch stage was purely judged on reaching a pass mark for the VRT (which I’d imagine is only 1 or 2 away from full marks).

Be careful about posting your idea up on a public forum. I went with an observational documentary about education. It was a challenge but fit what they were asking for and was quite topical. The real challenge came when I was a minute over after I’d first written the pitch. It was a nightmare getting it to the right length!

I have everything crossed, and I’m sure it’ll be ages until we hear back!


I studied biochemistry at uni… Reckon I’m the only one apply to PTS.

I reckon they have read through the applications. I can’t believe I passed the VRT, maybe I’m lucky.

With regards to the pitches I think one third of it is being original, the next third is structuring the pitch to tell an emotive story and the final third is how well you sold/communicated the idea.

I’m praying at the minute!


really glad to see somewhere online where this is being talked about. I just wanted to check if anyone has a date when we might hear if we’ve got through to the assessment day?


Still waiting too and very anxious to hear either way


It’s also here too…


update from the twitter page in case you didnt catch it…

“BBCTrainees BBC Academy Trainees
#PTS UPDATE! Short-listing is almost done so you’ll start hearing from weds 18. Standard has been impressively high! Well done all x”

so hopefully find out one or the other next week. Eek…


update from the twitter page in case you didnt catch it…

“BBCTrainees BBC Academy Trainees
#PTS UPDATE! Short-listing is almost done so you’ll start hearing from weds 18. Standard has been impressively high! Well done all x”

so hopefully find out one or the other next week. Eek…


Is anyone else getting very itchy feet with all this waiting? I’m checking my email every 5 minutes… I can’t be the only one!


I rang the BBC today around 1pm and they said that we should be hearing back within the next two days.

The bbc trainee page on twitter said possibly today so I am a little confused hopefully its like the results for the verbal reasoning and we won’t get contacted until after 6.


If anyone hears anything please let us know!


People successful with VRT heard back first… I heard via a twitter contact that rejections are heard first in this round… AHHHHHHH… I don’t know what to believe. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!


oh that’s unnerving! Does that mean some have had rejections already or is your contact an insider in the know?


No, she hasn’t heard back. She is not on the inside, she is going by what happened last year… Therefore who knows the truth!!!