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I have just applied for BBC and got an email back about an online asessment o 1) BBC fit and 2) Job role fit, ha anyone performed the trst yet? I would appricite any hints or comments…




I too got an email asking me to complete an online assessment for the BBC, I would just go for it, there are no right or wrong answers and some of the questions you can base around your own experiences, it does say to set aside 1 hour for the test but it took me around 2 hours - good luck


thank rosepetal foor your answer. I just completed the assessment it was quite fun! let me know when you get answer…Good luck, what did u applied for?




Best of luck to you also, will let you know how I did - applied in business support so fingers crossed, just have to get an interview and then pass that. How about you?


I Also have applied for B-support. :slight_smile: . i have read that once u passed the tests they will match you to a jobe role, so if an interview doesnt work out they sent to another…hope i got it right, because it sound to good to be true …



Hi both,

I recently applied for an editor role at the Beeb and was just wondering how long it was before you heard back (i.e. about the online assessment)?

I am being very impatient!

Thanks and good luck!


Hi - I did not apply for a specific job at the BBC, I just submitted my CV about 3/4 weeks ago to register my interest in any role in b support, and on 19 March got a reply asking me to complete online assessment which I am waiting to hear back whether i have been successful, i think they have a large volume of applications to sieve through so be patient, either way you will be notified.


don’t suppose you’ve heard back re the online assessment, i am really nervous as i really want to pass and will be gutted if i don’t.


Hi both,

2-3 weeks After submitting my CV for BBC north i was invited to an online assessment which i completed exactly a week ago, i have not heard anything back regarding results ,getting nervous…lets keep each other updated…good luck to u both


I had an e-mail about this today saying that the recruitment process ‘is underway’ and that they will contact me if a role becomes available.


Hi - that’s great news so you obviously passed the online assessment. I haven’t heard back and will be absolutely gutted if I have been unsuccessful. Best of luck in finding a suitable role there.



I’m not too sure. Here’s the message in full:

Thanks for applying for a role at BBC North and for completing the online assessments. We just thought you’d like to know that the recruitment process is currently underway and your details are safely logged on our database.

There is still lots of time before the new BBC North is up and running. However, please be assured that we will be in touch if a role becomes available that matches your skills and preferences. In the meantime you will find lots of information about BBC North and the recruitment process on our website

Thanks again.

Nothing about passing the assessment, I just took it as a reminder that the process has started. I applied for a technology role, how about you?

EDIT: Just saw your earlier post. Maybe they’re e-mailing by role or department? I wouldn’t rule anything out until you get a definite answer. Good luck.


It looks like you did pass the online assessment, how soon after completing the assessment did you receive this email. I have not had such an email so I will try and remain positive and keep everything crossed that it goes in my favour also. I will keep you informed either way.


I got the e-mail today after completing the assessment mid-March.

Reading the e-mail back now, it almost seems like ‘thanks but no thanks’ e-mail, after the mention of keeping details. But I’m happy to wait for any information.


No it’s definitely positive news - you will be offered an interview when a suitable role becomes available and even if you are unsuccessful they will still keep offering you interviews for your specific job role - check it out on their website under Q&A - well done.


I’ve had the same email.

Applied for a journalism role at the end of February, completed the assesment mid-March and had the same email (well, two actually!) today.

Not admitting defeat just yet! This is a big public organisation and in big public organisations, admin tends to move quite slowly. I can imagine the Beeb having plenty of applicants to run through and plenty of people on the phone asking whether they passed the test or not. Personally, I would think / hope that if you’d failed, they’d tell you straight.

Call be optimistic, but I’m reading it as a “sit tight, we’ll call you when it’s your turn” kind of email. :slight_smile:


I recived the same email as muddymudskipper…sounds posiive…but i think its gonna take a while before we hear from them again…best of luck all


That’s great, I feel awful now because you and I both applied for B-support and I have not heard anything, I’ll give it till the end of the week and if no news just take it that I have not been successful - I think it’s November this year they will be starting interviews, at least you’re in and that’s good.


Yep me to, I will be doing the on-line assessment tomorrow. I just wanted to know if I can prep for it? also is it all multiple choice or do you have to type in you answers?

any advice welcome

Cheers everyone !


It’s multiple choice. Not really much that you can prep for - it’s more a test of "think on your feet’ and a personality profile.