BBC NORTH Journalism Talent Pool


Hi, I am starting this forum off as I have read quite a lot of post regarding BBC North and the recruitment process, however I am finding it hard to find any information on the Journalism Talent Pool.
I applied back in Decemeber 2010 with my CV and was contacted straight away to take part in the online assessment. I did this straight away early in January, I then had an email in March to say that I was successful, and would be contacted for an interview if my skills met the assessment criteria. I have not heard anything from the BBC in two months - except a few generic emails, and I was wondering if anyone else has entered the Journalism Talent Pool at Media City? If so have you had any feedback, information, interviews, or bacically ANY information at all.


Hi … I have been in the Journalism talent pool since June 2010 and have heard nothing positive … other than receiving the same generic emails.

At the moment I am looking at those roles advertised on the external website and applying, as appropriate.

So far I’ve had two rejections!