BBC job interview unsuccessful


Last Wednesday I had a job interview in Media City, Salford (A lovely place) for the role of Broadcast Assistant @ BBC Sport Interactive. This was my second interview for a professional job within the journalism industry. ( Last summer I graduated with a 2:1 in sport journalism. My other interview came at HIMSS Europe for the role of ‘reporter’. (This was basically a health reporter for HIMSS website.) I did not get this job, my feedback said I was a strong candidate etc but they gave the role to somebody with more experience. I came away from this happy because I did a really good interview, I showcased them my news blog which I am editor of etc and I was happy with the interview.

Again, for my interview at BBC i thoroughly prepared etc. Before the interview there was a written task in which I had to correct errors in a sport article (I think I did this to a good standard.) IN the interview I was confident etc, although I do not think I was quite as good as in my earlier interview at HIMSS Europe. One question in particular was how would the BBC attract 16-24 year olds to view the upcoming Olympic coverage. I answered this with social media and getting presenters to front the Olympics that young people would relate to. Although I was aware that some form of this questions would be asked I know now that i didn’t answer it well enough.
I feel that my brain works in a way that it needs time to reflect on a questions or problem in order to answer it coherently. On the day after the interview I had come up with much better ways in which to attract 16-24 year olds including snapchat, youtube and Twitch, unfortunately I could obviously not phone my interviewers up and tell them.

Anyway I feel pretty dissapointed that I did not get the role. There was 5-6 roles on offer and there were 31 candidates - this makes me even more dissapointed - it was a huge opportunity. Anyway I’m just wondering if anyone else has had interviews with the BBC or if anyone on here was at the same interview as me. The interviews ran on three days 8th, 9th and 10th of June 2016.

It feels like i’m back to square one now. My news blog which is now a website isn’t paying the bills and although I had a part time job at a local supermarket i’m still pretty dejected.

Anyway thanks for listening, I hope I will get some responses, i’ll be here all night to chat!


Hi there

I just came across your comment whilst searching for similar jobs.

I also attended the same round of interviews and was also unsuccessful. I am pretty gutted too. Especially as jobs like this don’t come up very often.

I know I didn’t prepare properly so know what I did wrong.

Did you get any feedback?