BBC Job application / BBC Work experience application tips


I found this on the BBC website hidden away but it might be useful to someone.

Tips for making a successful application

Filling out application forms can be time consuming and seem a little old fashioned, but we hope you find our online application process quick and easy to use, however, if you do have any feedback relating to your experience we would love to hear from you. We feel an application form is still the best way to extract information and see if people really do have the required skill and experience to do the job.

Hints & tips:

To help you, here are some hints and tips to refer to when applying for jobs. Good luck!

[] Read the job description very carefully before applying particular the section outlining required skills & experience
] Make sure that you definitely meet all of the minimum criteria & skills required for the job – otherwise you are wasting your time!
[] Keep to the point, focusing on the quality of your achievements, not the quantity
] Concentrate on your achievements not your responsibility, using real examples which prove that you can do what you say you can (products launched, sales achieved, teams managed etc)
[] Achievements should be short, bullet pointed statements which include your role, the action you took and the result of your action
] Check thoroughly for correct spelling and grammar, if helpful then get a second opinion
[] Prove that you have done the homework and are motivated (use the web, listen/ watch relevant output and/or research your area, read any relevant press etc)
] Be honest and factual


[] Apply if you do not meet the required level of skill & experience sought
] Lie – we will find out!
[] List all the one day training courses you have ever been on unless any of them are relevant to the job
] Use elaborate fonts or colours – keep it simple
[] Forget it’s just a tool to get you an interview – a good application form will not get you the job alone, the rest is down to you
] Write too much – be as concise and relevant as you can
[] Purely rely on a spell checker
] Include a CV as well unless you have been asked to do so
[*] Use jargon or complicated language – simple is best


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