BBC application/interview


I was just hoping to get advice regarding a position I have recently applied for with the BBC.
It is a Production Trainee Scheme and there are 19 places in total. I have completed and submitted the online application and the closing date was 6th April.
What I really wanted to know is has anyone else applied for one of these schemes before?
How long do the BBC generally take to contact you for interview and do they contact you if you weren’t successful?
And any information about what I can expect from the interview process (if I get one!!!:eek:)


I’ve applied for a job at the BBC in the past- it didn’t take long to hear back (I was rejected!)- but I imagine if they have 19 places then they will have literally hundreds of applications to work through. If you’re unsure, there’s definately no harm in calling them and asking.


I have an assessment and panel interview next week, so nervous! Any tips?


@Umbongo umbomgo

I went to an assessment day and two interviews for ITV and was successful, so I expect it to be similar:

Be YOURSELF and always be honest - if you ever lie or exaggerate then you will be sussed out!

Why do you want this job? Do you really watch BBC programmes? If not, then I wouldn’t bother applying…

If you have a favourite show, what is your favourite bits? And don’t be afraid to criticise too.

imo, the mentality is more important than your knowledge and qualifications.

Are you a confident and sociable person? Media production is always about TEAMWORK, not individuality.

Are you willing to do the most mundane boring repetitive jobs for a year? They’re not going to let you direct or touch the cameras on your first day…

Are you after money? If so, choose banking or even sales - media production doesn’t pay well.

Can you handle pressure and stress? You make a mistake, you may be shouted at and you won’t be getting a second call for the next job.

How committed are you? Are you just planning to make it to work at 9am and clock off at 5pm, or be the last one to leave the office? Out of these two options, one of them will make you shine in the producer’s eyes.

One more important tip:

Never give up.


Some great advice there gossipgirl, and even though I haven’t applied for this (yet!) I can honestly answer all those questions positively. I have wanted to work in TV for so long, and I’m finally starting to make ground towards it and cannot wait for the challenge!



thanks for the advice, I was worried my lack of experience would stop me from breaking into the business, but I am definetly willing to pay my dues to get where I want to be in TV.


I applied for the production trainee scheme this year - the closing date was the 29th March and I haven’t heard anything. The website said they are shortlisting between 30th march and the 14th may so i know I still have a week or two to go but is it a positive thing I haven’t heard anything? Would they have already contacted me if my application had already been looked at and discarded? I guess I’m just really nervous as this job would be a fantastic opportunity but as I am graduating soon and have no contact hours or exams to do before graduation i can only wait so long on this position before I will have to look elsewhere. Is it worth phoning them or does that give the wrong impression?

Thanks for any help! I’m a newbie to the world of graduate jobs!


For one runner application we had recently, 400 people answered the call. That was a lot of CVs to sift through… I would say hold on, as if you miss a call, someone else will be booked in for an interview instead of you.


Hey MissPitcher, have you heard anything yet?


I haven’t yet. I mean I know they must have so many applications to go through. I think they had over 3000 applicants last year or something along those lines. Its incredible. Have you applied for it and heard anything? I’m not sure how they contact you - whether by phone or email. Also I had thought that if they were not going to give you an interview then they would send you a rejection email or something. A friend of mine said they might not contact you at all if they’re not interested though which made me a little more concerned. I’ve scoured the internet for any information regarding whether or not they’ve contacted anyone yet but alas! It has been to no avail.


Yea I thought there would be more on student forums and such but you are the first person I’ve found.

I applied for work experience at the BBC last year, and I found out pretty quickly that they didn’t want me, which gives me hope now. But the longer the more painful it is!

I am very sure they will send an e-mail of some kind.

Are you at uni? What degree do you have? I’m a bit worried that I will be competing with loads of media students, when I only have English lit which is a bit useless.

Best of luck, we can panic together!


Hurrah finally someone in the same pain as me! That does sound promising. Yeah I’m graduating this year (I’m 22) I took Drama and Theatre studies with Comparative literary studies. I kinda focused my course on direction and production management and journalism within the English bit of it. I reckon that English is a lot more relevant that some of the degree some people applying will have. There will be a lot of media students but there may well also be a load of applicants who are only interested in trying to get on TV! I saw there is some kind of facebook group about it (if you search for bbc production trainee scheme) but i requested to join it a few days ago and I still haven’t been accepted so it may have been set up ages ago for a different scheme.


Have you applied for any of the Channel 4 Production Schemes, they’re based at individual production companies rather than c4 but they do look really good. Apps close tomorrow.

Here’s the link:

Let me know as soon as you hear anything!


Cheers. I did have a look at it but wasn’t sure about them. Will check it out again. Will let you know as soon as i hear anything, you let me know if you do! Good luck!


Hey love,
A few friends of mine got rejections this morning… promising?
getting tense


As did I. Time to start submitting my proposal to other channels i thinky. Good luck! Please do let me know if you get an interview!


Wow, this must be the only place on the entire internet this is being discussed!

Has anyone heard yet? I made the application back in April and still have heard nothing…

“Hey love, A few friends of mine got rejections this morning… promising?”

/\ love this… My friends got rejected, awesome! Seriously though it does kinda bode well for those left!



I’m still waiting too and pretty nervous about it! I’m doing an MA and the 4 others from my course who applied got rejection e-mails last Thursday. I don’t really know if that’s significant, but don’t worry Joanne, you’re not alone! I’m going to phone in tomorrow if I haven’t heard by the end of the day. Best of luck everyone! R


ditto that…just sick of manically checking emails on a daily basis…

thats the other option for september if i dont get on, start an MA…let me know how you get on with the phone call…

I think it must be a good thing we havent heard yet…right?!? (fingers crossed **)

Good luck!!


Yup, I’m going to my email every 5 mins too! I’m doing an MA in TV Production…I’ve found it very useful and has given me a lot of confidence to apply for schemes such as this BBC Production traineeship…although I’ll only find quite how useful it will ultimately be when/if I manage to land a job in the industry! Let me know if you want some more details about the course. And if you hear from The Beeb today/tomorrow let me know!