BAT Management Trainee Program


Is there anybody who applies for BAT MTP?? I was wondering how their numerical and verbal reasoning tests look like, interview, assessment center??


I’ve been asked to take the numerical and verbal tests for the finance program. Does anyone know which type they are?


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me too, it SHL tests, you have sample tests on thier web site. Did they told when you have to finish your test? Thez sent me mine about month ago, and I still didnt finish mine?


Thanks very much for that - i haven’t got a deadline but I’ll get them done by the end of the weekend. I thought it might be some obscure test because I couldn’t find the link but SHL will be no problem :slight_smile:


I have been invited to telephone interview. Has anyone done one before?


Anyone had a phone interview?


Can someone please write more about their online test? How hard it is, what is minimum score to pass? Thank you.


Hi Jelena,

it is the same test as that of Barclays, Atkins and some others, they are exactly the same.

I wonder if anyone has done a telephone interview?


I have a phone interview this week for the MTP.

Anyone know what they ask on the phone?


i 'm having a telephone interview in few days (competency based interview- i applied for the management trainee program-marketing-italy)
what did they ask you?


i take it you guys have already done your phone interviews. i have one coming up tomorrow if some can throw more light on what to expect. i applied for MTP-Finance


i had the telephone interview a couple of weeks ago
i applied to the marketing area, so questions will be quite different
anyway, you will probably be asked about:
-tell me a time when you experienced difficulties in implementing something new into a group
-tell me a time when you tried to do something and you didn’t succeed…tell me what you did in order to succeed
i don’t remember the third question
She will also ask:
-why did you choose bat?
-why finance?
-tell me your strenghts and your weaknesses
-what do you think about working for a tobacco company
-are you willing to move to foreign countries?
I am italian
good luck…i got rejected :smiley:


Thanks a zillion, that was very helpful. Would let u know how it goes. How long does it take to hear bak frm them?


few days (they called me back 1 week later).
good luck


did they give u any feed bak?
what did they say?


Did any1 received a call for the AC in Budapest?
I had a phone interview almost 3 weeks ago but didn’t hear from them yet…
Cheers, J


Hi there,

I applied for the trainee program and I was told to take an abstract reasoning test which I did and in my opinion there was no time. I did like half of it. Does anyone know if they put too much importance on this pre-test before the interview???


Hi Nina,
I took the tests too and didn’t finish the abstract one neither. How did the other one work out for you?
I was surprised because it wasn’t SHL but Hudson…


The test I was given was some bizarre TalentQ test which was freaking tough! There were only 12 questions with “no time limit.” Though you had 90 seconds for each question so go figure…