Barnett Waddingham Graduate Scheme


Has anyone heard from Barnett Waddingham about the graduate scheme? Its been 4 weeks since I’ve applied and I’ve not heard from them as of yet!


No, I applied back in September. Still nothing


Hi, I’ve been called for an assessment day next week, but maybe it depends on the office you’ve applied to.They might be assessing applications for london office sooner than elsewhere? don’t lose hope they have more than one assessment day so they could still be looking through applications


when did you apply ojcc?


around the beginning of november


how did your assessment day go? Mind sharing any info on what to expect…what sort of questions were in the interview?


Hey, had an assessment day with BW. I cant emphasise enough how relaxed the day was, everyone was extremely friendly! I guess it was easier for them to see your true personality that way since you feel more comfortable.

The interview was basically going over the application form and some questions on current issues relating to actuarial/pensions.
Why BW, Why actuary, they get you to elaborate on your employment/competencies mentioned on the app form.

You will have to prepare a 5-10 min presentation either on your bigeest achievement or a current issue of your choice and they question you after.

Other than that just had a letter writing exercise and group exercise.

Good luck !! : )



Is there anyone would like to share his/her BW assessment centre experience in details?



Hey !!

I was wondering whether anyone that did the AC in December/November for the actuarial graduate scheme could share his/her experience?

I’d really appreciate your help…




Has anyone had a telephone interview with Barnett Waddingham? If so could you share what kind of questions were asked? I was just sent an email saying that I would be tested on my communication skills.




Has anyone heard from BW regarding the 2013 graduate intake?



Hello m1234 … not yet unfortunately… when did you applied ? are an international student ?


No not international. I applied in late October. Their website says they should have dealt with all the phone interviews by now so I’m not optimistic.


i applied like 5 weeks ago and still haven’t heard back from them. If anyone hears from them please do share :slight_smile:


same here…


I’ve applied for the summer internship at BW and I have the assessment centre on Tuesday. Would the A/C be any different to the graduate scheme one? Thanks.


Thought I’d post this as I’ve been trying to find out about the BW applications process without much luck.

I had my telephone interview this afternoon, roughly a week after I sent my application; be aware they gave me only 24 hrs notice. It was approximately 15 minutes long and taken my a member of the HR team who was very friendly.

I was asked the following question, why I chose my degree and why I chose the city I live in.

Then she moved on to ask about competencies: Describe a time you’ve had to explain something to someone. Describe a time you’ve had to persuade someone to do something a different way. Describe a time you have had to present to people you were unfamiliar with.

It wasn’t too scary and there were no nasty technical questions. I was expecting to be asked why I wanted the job and why I’d chosen the company but they didn’t ask me either of these. Hope this helps!


has anyone been invited to the AC at BW?


Thanks for you information Emma, can I ask which office you have applied?