Barclays Wealth


Hello guys,
I passed the numerical and verbal tests of BarcWealth and have been notified that the company is examining my test results and that my application is under review. What do you think are my chances for getting a phone interview at this stage? They still have the “power” to withdraw my application don’t they?
What is the next step after the phone interview? Straight to the assessment center and then offer? or AC, final interview and offer?


i think u will get the phone interview soon. i had my phone interview early december, but still under consideration…


thanks for the reply, hope you get to the Assessment Center!


I got the interview and it went very well, but haven’t received any reply yet…5 days have passed, is this normal?? I was informed that I will get an answer within 14 days…


Hey guys, I have a telephone interview in a couple days for the Barclays wealth Graduate Scheme. All they mentioned was that there would be technical and competency questions. Any idea on what sort of technical questions?


Hey, how long after the tel interview did you hear back? Thanks


hi, did you get any feedback from barclay wealth/
AC or rejection?



I have been to AC for private banking early this week - they said to wait 2 weeks for feedback… so long!! The AC was very tough!!! I highly doubt I got it …


anyone got any feedback from Asia office of Barclay wealth after phone interview?