Barclays Wealth Telephone Interview


Hey, i just had my barclays wealth interview a few days ago and wanted to share my experience. after reading some of the threads i found that the majority of people were asked competency based ques, but none of mine were competency based, i was asked:

  1. why this grad scheme? 2. why barclays? 3. what my understanding of wealth management is? 4. what attributes and skills a private banker requires? 5. have i applied elsewhere? and which stage am i at? 6. who their main competitors are? who are their smaller competitors? 7. who their clients are? 8. what are the recent developments in wealth management? 9. how i got my work experience job? what i did? what i learnt from my work experience? 10. what subjects i enjoyed at uni? 11. why i choose my uni? 12. what i did in my spare time?

hope this helps!!


I had my telephone interview for barwealth some days ago! I had been asked nearly the same questions. They were a bit more specific about my CV. Thanks for posting, it helped alot!