Barclays wealth numerical test


Hi I just completed the Barclays walth numeracy test 2 weeks ago and it said my application was under consideration… I still have not heard a reply or been invited or the verbal test… I am unsure of why… however I do know and noted a few people I knew workingwith in the department in Barclays… do you think I passed? I would like to remain optimistic however the ‘No sign of verbal test’ is really puzzeling me!


Hi jessy.anne,

Sorry if this comes a little late. I too completed the online assessment for barclays wealth and did both numerical and verbal. Shortly after, I was sent an email telling me that I should hear back after the 21st of Nov.

I suggest you give them a call because usually one should receive an immediate rejection should he/she not reach the required standard in the numerical.

Good luck!


Hi guys,

Any any advice for Barclays Wealth numerical test? What might it entail and how best to prepare? Is it SHL-type?



As some people keep deleting my posts I have created a forum and explained in detail about my barclays corporate AC experience,

If anyone needs anymore help, just let a brother know!!!