Barclays Wealth Internship Programme


Has anybody applied fro the internship programme and heard back from barclays wealth?


I applied and did the tests last week. No word from them as yet, though.

Are you applying to WM programs anywhere else? I’m waiting nervously to hear from a number of banks!


Has anyone heard from BW regarding summer internships as yet?


i applied in November and still have heard nothing. everybody in the same boat?


I applied in september and haven’t heard a thing back. i don’t think they’ve started screening applications for intern positions yet?


I hope not. Does anyone have contact details for HR?


you can find contact details(email) on wealth management campus recruitment web page. However, I drop them email about 2 weeks ago, but no asnwer… only automatical response that they do not aswer questions about application status.


Their grad recruitment is useless. I’m not surprised you didn’t get a reply by email either, I was hoping someone would have a number to call. After hearing nothing for months, yesterday I received FOUR identical emails informing me I would be updated within two weeks and today I got an invite for first round. Hmmm


hey guys, has anyone recently done a telephone interview with them? I saw questions they had asked back in 2009 but I’m guessing they might have changed the questions…

Please do update if you have the time. It would be very helpful … thanks


Hi are you still in the process? How did the telephone interview go?


Has anyone secured an offer with BarWealth yet?


I got an offer for the internship. Start June 27th




i have an assessment centre coming up…just wondering if anyone knows what we have to do during the day?


What date are you scheduled for?


23rd march


I’m scheduled for 6th April. Good luck!


Hi, I’m scheduled for 11th April for private banking summer internship program.
Could you give me some detailes about the Assessment Centre at Barclays wealth?
How is it structured?

thank you in advance