Barclays Wealth - Graduate Scheme Inquiry


Hi everyone. I would like to know if anyone in the biz or anyone going through the scheme could give any light to my question.

I am a 2nd Year Undergrad who has recently decided upon what and where he would like to take his life. My dad worked for the bank for 25 years and still working in the financial services as an advisor. He recommended he investment banking route for me due to my personal qualities and ability.

My degree is a sports one which i don’t regret taking as it is something i am interested in as a hobby, but not a career. Being exposed to banking for so many years, and now ive matured, it is something i am very interested in but this is where the problem lies.

Due to my lack of business experience (despite my degree being a management one) i am at a disadvantage. I am aware of the criteria require to join the scheme and it is encouraging.

My question is this: What would anyone recommend i could do between now and applying for the scheme?

I have at least a year till i am eligible to apply. I thought about doing some self teaching around my degree providing it doesn’t affect my grade. Read up on the basics of the industry i am going into. My dad and his company are more than happy to help fire information and any exposure to the financial services sector as much as they can. I will be doing work experience at management level for my degree so this is will help.

Any books, courses or information anyone can suggest to increase my chances of entry to the scheme and increase my knowledge. I don’t want a spoon fed step by step guide, just some guidance which i’ve learnt is quality from this site.