Barclays Wealth Graduate Programme


Hello everyone!

I applied for Barclays Wealth beginning of October, got the phone interview, had it on the 5th of November and haven’t heard from them since. Even on the website my status still says “you have been invited to a phone interview”. They told me they would contact me in 2 weeks but its been almost 3 now… Anyone else in the same boat?



Hi bobby_FR, I applied around end of august but have still to hear anything. What kind of questions did they ask on the interview? How long was it? Thanks and good luck!


Hey lunettenul, I had 4-5 questions in total, first two about Barclays Wealth, why I have chosen WM, why do I think I can make a good private banker, etc.

Then I had 2-3 competency questions (I don’t remember exactly), one was for team work and how I contributed to the success of the team. Another one was about a challenging subject I had in uni and what made it challenging. The reason for having only 2-3 questions is that she asked me to elaborate on certain parts of my answers. That’s something they do to make sure you are not just reading out an answer and also to verify that you didn’t come up with the experience.

Don’t really remember anything more specific, besides everyone gets different competency questions, I think.

Hope this helps!


Thanks v much for your help bobby_FR. I’m surprised they ask so little…well I suppose it’s not if they expand on the qs however I expected more technical qs. Good thing I guess. Thanks again.


any of you guys applied to manchester office?

i applied around 20th october and still have geard nothing! when did you guys apply/hear back?



Hey newcastle_brown, no I didn’t apply to the Manchester office, and still have not heard anything.


What’s up with Bar. Wealth? Has anyone heard back yet?


Hi all,

@ thewallstreetmonkey: I got an e-mail last week inviting me to book a phone interview slot for this coming week. Beyond that, I hope they decide relatively quickly either way.

@ newcastle_brown: From what I gather, the UK and European offices outside London have a longer timeline for recruitment, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them taking longer to get back to you than others posting here and elsewhere. I applied a few days before the mid-Nov deadline and heard back last week, but this was to the London office.

Good luck everyone!


well thats a bit reassuring then,

good luck all


I had completed and cleared the tests long time back although no feedback so far. Have to Barclays disappoints me with the level of feedback they give candidates!.


Does any1 have an update by any chance? I applied to the London office around 2 months ago, did all the tests and have just been waiting since.


I called 2 days and the woman on the phone was being really smug and ignorant about The fact that some people have been waiting for so long. I give up basically. I just wish they would have rejected me a long time ago. I have been waiting for 3 1/2 months. Basically the last assessment centre is next week so it’s unlikely anything is going to happen now. I hope you guys can still maintain faith but I’m signing out. Worst experience ever by far. It’s a shame that such a reputable organisation would have such an incompetent recruitment team.


Mate ive been invited to an AC on the 15th of Jan. so its not all over! have faith!


Hey neiljeff123, congrats!

May I just ask how much time did it take them to get back to you? I had my phone interview a month ago and still nothing…



it was about three weeks. I nearly accepted another offer because i thought i was definitely rejected when they took so long.


Congratulations on the AC neiljeff123!!! That is excellent news mate, well done. You must be so pleased! I’m not sure because I’ve not even had an interview, so it’s unlikely. Surprised they’re holding an AC in January!


Anyone have any idea what Barclays Wealth are actually doing? I mean I applied in September and successfully completed the tests and have not heard back. Seems like theyre just picking candidates randomly as people who have applied later have managed to actuall get somewhere, i.e. phone interview.

Tried emailing them, but no response at all.


What’s their e-mail? This is jokes…retarded recruitment


Every firm I know is being similar. they are picking the students with the best scores/applications and progressing them before the students with the lower scores. Ive been on the nasty end of it for plenty of firms: RBS and Macquarie to name but a few


anyone after phone interview with barclay wealth got any reply already?