Barclays Video Interview



Anyone know what the AC is like for technology? Any help will be appreciated thanks!


Have you heard back from them yet??


Have you heard back yet?


Anyone else got an AC on monday for tech?


Hi there pal ! I had my final interview on Monday. May I know how long you had to wait to hear the outcome ? Many thanks !


Hi guys any idea on what questions were asked during the HireVue Online Interview for Barclays? I applied for Client Strategy


Hi Fatima Mammadova, may i know what interview questions were asked in your video interview?


Hi all,
I was told on Friday 17th Nov on the phone that I had an offer for the grad scheme. Anyone know how long it takes before you get the contract?


Hey have you heard back from Barclays and if you do, how long it takes?


What sorts of questions were you asked?


Hello, please how did your AC go? Please what questions were u asked. I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks


Heard back after 7 working days


Hello all,

I recently did the online interview for Barclays (Barclaycard International Graduate Programme). It was pretty difficult. The first section is 4 multiple choice questions where you have to choose from a number of potential conclusions. You have to base your answers on a data sheet that is provided. From what I understand the questions asked vary depending on the role you have applied for. You have 10 mins so split your time, work smart and don’t panic.

There is a section where you are given 5 minutes to prepare for a 5 minute presentation where you have to give your thoughts and recommendations etc. This, again, is based on data etc etc. My one was giving recommendations relating to the type of security a new banking app should use (fingerprint, voice or pin). This is very challenging and I understand content of the presentation varies from role to role.

You are also asked to reply to an email you receive from a colleague/superior (can’t remember which lol) that is criticising a report you wrote or recommendations you gave. This shouldn’t be difficult.

At one point you are also asked to record a video response to a superior who has told you that a report written by you and your colleagues is strewn with errors. Respond appropriately, don’t play the blame game etc.

The video questions give you 30 seconds to prepare then 3 mins to answer. Why barclays? Why this role/financial services? What challenges are faced by the area you are applying to? There was one more question that I can’t remember tbh.

Good luck !


hi anyone got an AC w barclays coming up soon?


any tips from those who have completed their AC? Thank you!


for which position you applied for ?


I received the online interview on 8th Dec, but then I got a new email on 11th Dec and told me there is a high volume of candidates. Therefore, the position is closed now.
So I do not know what should I do now. Is that means I do not have an opportunity this year even if I upload my video interview
Anyone has the same situation before?please


Hi, I hope your interview went well. I have the same one coming up, any advice? what was the format?


Well I did work for ABSA via Teleresource as a switchboard operator and I very much enjoyed my work I did


I would like to work for ABSA again but permanently