Barclays Video Interview



Hi, anyone completed the video interview (Commercial Banking - 2017)? Any help would be appreciated!


Hi I have my Barclays business meeting this week and was wondering if you had any insight?? Would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi!! Was wondering if you had any tips on how to approach the business meeting? Would be much appreciated


Hey, just wondering if you had heard anything back at all? Would appreciate any tips!


hi mate what kind of questions were in the video interview, do you remember? thanks


anyone got the final interview (business meeting) for wealth management?


I just gave the Business Insight Assesment - part 2. Any idea about when I should be hearing back?


Nothing back yet, have you? If so, when did you upload your CV/hear back?


Did anyone do the video interview for barclays insight week 2017?


Did the business meeting last Thursday for WM, still waiting for result


messaged you


I did the Business meeting for WM as well last Thursday, any word yet?


Hi Fatima, I have a video interview with Barclays, Can I know please what kind of questions they asked you?


Hi guys,
I have a video interview with Barclays, Can you tell me what kind of questions they ask?


Hi! I have an online interview with Barclays, any advice?


Hi, I have a business meeting next Tuesday as well. It will be followed by a 40-minute interview with the assessor team. Can you please tell me what kinds of questions to expect? Is that a competency-based interview? Any help is highly appreciated))


Hi, just wondering how long did you have between completing the business insight assessment 2 and the invitation to the business meeting? I completed stage 2 then they asked me to upload my cv but still haven’t heard back? (uploaded my cv on Sunday)


Hi, I’ve also rvcd the same email about uploading my cv but had not heard back! Not sure if it’s a bad or good news.


In my case, it took around 5 days to get an e-mail from them inviting me to the business meeting.


Anyone got a phone number for graduate queries?