Barclays Video Interview



For people who applied to Barclaycard graduate scheme, how long did you wait to hear back after final interview?


I have also got an offer for Bussiness banking on Manchester. Has anyone else been offered there ?


Hey I also got an offer yesterday, but mine was in London, whereabouts do you live?


I live in London so it’s not ideal. Where do you live ? Also what division have you applied for ?


Hi, congrats ! I am also going to be in London


Is that grad job or internship ?


Mine is grad yours ? Where do you live ?


Oh mine is internship, and I live in London also


Guys with Barclays summer offers, how long did it take for them to send you the contract, and is it a hard copy or a soft copy?


I received a verbal offer on a Thursday, contract was sent via email on Tuesday. 2 weeks to sign and return via email (scanned)


If anyone who has accepted an offer wants to join a Barclays graduate 2017 facebook group so we can all get to know each other here is the link


Has anyone received a start date for the Graduate Scheme?


hey, how did it go?
did you get the job?


how was the second insight? can you give any advice


anyone heard back after filling out the initial online form?


Anyone not able to access business insight 2 ?


Is the online interview competency based or does it just ask you to complete tasks?


anyone done their video interview yet?


Hey! No I have one to give! Any tips? Have you done it already?


Hi I am applying for a technology analyst role. Could you please tell me what were the questions asked to you in a hirevue video interview.