Barclays Video Interview



What questions were you asked in the video interview?


What interview questions were you asked?


I just did mine today, it took about one hour… he said about 45mins but I said too much and he didnt interrupt. It was about 4 sections, each one was 10 mins. Questions like why Barclays,
How do u think u will be like in 3yrs (after u finish this graduate program),
Financial insight and how it’s related to your division you applied (things like that),
Challenge experience under pressure,
How to exceed client’s needs,
Teamwork, how to build relationship with people you work with,
Your strength,
Shared goal and your personal goal,
How you learn things quickly


Hi Charlotte, Have you heard back from Barclays yet? I’m in the same situation as you and I’m pretty sure I failed the video interview because it went terribly. I emailed them a week ago and they haven’t responded yet. I’ve tried the live chat numerous times but the Connection keeps getting “lost”.


Anyone heard back yet from Barclays after completing the business insight 2 video interview? I did mine for Commercial banking grad role in November but haven’t heard anything


Hey how is it going for you, FS? I was asked for my CV last week but haven’t heard back.


Hello, What questions were asked for in the telephone interview?


Hello, I proceeded in the telephone interview for business banking. What kind of questions you were asked ?


Hi, I will have mine interview on Friday. Could you please provide me with some insights into the interview? What questions did you get? Many thanks!!


What did the Stage 2 consist of ??


Hi, congrats for having an interview! I have mine on 19th. Could you pls provide me with some sample questions they asked? Thanks in advance.


Has anyone received the outcome of the telephone interview?


I am still waiting for mine had mine around a month ago


Hey guys,
I received an email on the 21st of Dec saying that I had passed the Telephone interview, and should reply confirming my availability to attend the final assessment between 9th-20th Jan. I replied and since then I haven’t heard back. I applied for Business Banking graduate.
Anyone is a similar situation?


Exactly the same happened with me. Im applying to a different area tho. Btw, anyone knows what a Barclaycard analyst job would be like? I cant find info or testimonials on that anywhere


thanks for sharing the post. When did you give your interview? I just want to know the know how much they took to give the outcome as I have not received mine yet. It’s been a lot of days now.


I gave mine on 8th Dec so that’s about 2 weeks. But I know timing varies. For a friend it was 3 weeks, and for another it was 4.


it took 1 month for me to know the outcome of every stage. I applied in mid-September


Hey bro, could you help me out with some of the interview questions, I got mine on Monday. Thanks


business insight 2 (online interview) is a mixture of recording yourself responding to questions asked, completing some calculations and replying to an email.
First part 4 questions to answer in 12 mins. you’ll be given some information (reading material) and you have to choose your preferred response for each question. Some questions here require calculation.

Second section: you’ll be asked by your manager to give recommendations to improve the financial stability of the bank (Video Recorded Response).
Next you receive an email from your colleague criticising your report and you have to respond to her by email.
Next another manager emails you to tell you there are lots of errors in a report, done by you and 2 other colleagues and you have to respond to him by video again.
Last video question was something along the lines of now you have completed your assessment what do you think about Barclays and the assessment process or so. not quite sure how it was worded again.