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I applied for the Quantitative Analytics role and here is my experience (from what I can remember!)

Business insight 1 consisted of both SJT and numerical reasoning questions. This stage is not timed and I highly recommend you go through each question carefully as it is fairly easy to pass. Also the numerical reasoning is slightly different from other tests as you will have around 3-5 images to refer to and the question may only need data from one source.

Business Insight 2 (video interview) was much harder. The experience is quite similar to what RCO described below however there was a few differences.

  1. The first part consisted of 5 multiple choice questions and I had 30 minutes to answer them all however they bombarded me with a lot of data and some complicated formulas. It took me quite a while to understand what it all meant, and I was rushed doing all the calculations. Also it was not possible to go back to a question and change an answer.

  2. Next I had an interview question that asked what is my greatest strength. I had 3 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes to answer.

  3. I receive an email from a colleague working on the project associated with the data from the first section. She ‘emailed’ me a table with calculated values from another colleague however ‘he is known to make mistakes’. I can’t remember how long I had but I had to check if the values were correct and write an email back.

  4. I receive another email from the same colleague who informs me that an elderly home is interested in investing in a company. There was more information provided and based on all the data at hand I had 8 minutes to prepare and 8 minutes to give a video recommendation.

  5. Finally the experience ended with a final video interview question basically asking how I found the experience and what makes me excited to work for Barclays. Again 3 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes to speak.

I completed the assessments just over a week ago and have not heard from Barclays yet although I am certain that I failed it. Hopefully you find this information useful and feel free to ask more questions, I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability :slight_smile:


Wow. Sounds like a real experience. Thank you so much for sharing


Thank you so much for sharing! It sounds really hard!! So when you wrote email and did calculations, was camera still on? I don’t know what’s the point of this.


Guys, just finished the Business Sight 2, which is the online video interview. I would say this is really hard and the questions given pretty much depend on the position you are applying for.

  1. I am applying for finance analyst, and in the first section (4 questions, 12 minutes), I was so afraid of running out of time so I didn’t even take my time to do the necessary calculations and analyses. I was not even familiar with some indicators and terms they used (i.e ** risk capacity, capital structure etc.). You also have to be very familiar with financial statements and some financial analysis tools. They also asked me what recommendation I might give regarding the financial stability of the firm. Basically, I used the leverage ratio (but didn’t give the exact number), and also talked about receivables, payables and cash flows from operations. I also mentioned the way of financing by using share insurance instead of long-term borrowings. However, I felt I haven’t organised my answer quite clearly. I was too nervous to organise my answer. I don’t know if they would understand what I was saying. Such a mess!
  2. Also, the email writing part was also hard, because there were so many names that I got confused and I didn’t even know the main reason for replying that email.
  3. Another video question is about teamwork. Basically, it says others in your team (your are the team leader) haven’t done a satisfying job and you have to respond to your senior.
  4. The last question is always the same: how this assessment process makes you feel you are looking forward to working for Barclays.

What I would suggest is that you should take your time and calm down firstly. This is also a type of assessment that test your ability to work under pressure. You will feel you don’t have enough time to prepare but have too much time to answer. Speak slowly (though I failed to do so) and organise your answer properly. Good luck to you!

Besides, anyone know when will I get feedback from them?


Got my feedback about two weeks later.



Thanks for sharing. Can I ask you what position you applied for?



Grad role. Next stage is phone interview after having uploaded your cv. Would love some insight if anyone has had theirs or has any information. Thank you


And did they tell you if you passed on to the next round?


Anybody had their phone interview yet? Care to share some advice?
It’d be much appreciated. Thank you.


Hi guys, mine was a bit different to what everyone else has said. I applied to commercial banking and I only had two parts.
Part one was four multiple choice questions on some information given but weren’t too maths based.
Part two was 5 video questions, based on a passage. So you’d have to read the passage and decide how you would react and what you would say in a minute, then have 3 minutes to answer.
Hope this helps!


Did anyone complete video interview for Business Banking role? Please let me know as soon as possible


Anyone had the video interview for the Wealth Management Graduate Scheme?


Has anyone got through to the final round for the Grad Programme? If so, could you shed some light on what to expect? Thank you


Hello, I just got a video interview for the same position? Did u finish the interview? How was it ? What did they ask u ?


do you know if Barclays gets back to you by e-mail even if your video interview wasnt successful? I did mine a month ago… starting to think I didn’t pass and I won’t know by them.


Which position did you apply for? I was wondering why the London off cycle banking internship for september 2017 which is the one I applied for doesn’t appear no more in the open positions search engine even if the deadline was 11/13.


has anyone heard back from Banking off cycle internship in London for september 2017?


Did anyone complete the telephone interview stage? I will be really grateful if someone can guide me about the questions that were asked? I have mine in this coming week.Would really appreciate the help :slight_smile:


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Hi, have you heard back yet?