Barclays Video Interview



How did it go Emma, recently saw this!


has anyone completed the video interview this month for graduate position? is it the same 12 questions as in 2015? thanks!


I am applying for 2017 Graduate scheme at London office, just got invited for the online video interview. I heard that the process is quite different this year, has anyone done this yet?
Would much appreciate any help!


did you had your videointerview already?


Hi ladies/gents! Any progress on this? Since it’s the 30th, did you have yours already? Would really appreciate the help!


Same here!


I have completed the online interview. It consisted of:

  1. 4 multiple choice questions on information given. Questions were asking which statement is definitely true/false. 10 minute time limit

  2. Video questions were on: Introducing yourself to the client and how you can add value to the relationship between the bank and client whilst working on the project; what you would respond to your manager after he’s sent you an email (time to read the email first).
    Some multiple choice questions (approx 2), on how you were react to specific emails that you are given time to read.

  3. Written section - 10 mins (need to rush!). You are given an email that is from a colleague and he’s asking you to proof read the recommendation for the client. You are given space to type out any grammar, style or sentence changes you would make to the recommendation and then another paragraph on how you have interpreted the long-term and short-term recommendations and what they mean.

  4. Last video question is responding to (not sure about exact wording) - ‘Now that you’ve gone through the assessment process, what makes you excited to work for Barclays?’

I found that all my preparation wasn’t very helpful. Just need to make sure that you keep checking the timings for each section as the written and multiple choice parts were rushed in my opinion.


oh wow, thats so different from all I have done before! thanks a lot for a reply, hope it will be helpful


that sounds real tough


the video interview is so hard, I am applying for finance and the level of knowledge they expect you to have going in is pretty high. The format of the video interview was similar, 4 multiple choice, then 5 questions on information they provide. I’d strongly recommend familiarising yourself with balance sheets and skim reading as you’ll be fairly short on time!


may I ask how long does it take? ty


Has anyone heard back after their video interview for Summer 2017?


Hi, did u finish the video interview? may I ask how long does it approximately take in total? Is the video they will record or just the sound from microphone? thank you very much.


Hi! Just wondering what type of questions they asked in the video interview? Not really sure how to prepare for it


Has anyone done this part of the recruitment process and heard back from Barclays? I did mine on Thursday, although it was pretty much how RCO described, I think it went quite badly for me :confused:


thanks so much! hopefully will go well ! what strengths did you try and hit ?


What role are you applying for?
Good luck with hearing back, the application process is so tough!


hello guys. Barclays have changed their application process this year. It now has Business Insight 1 and 2. Can someone please help me describe how the experience was.


Hi, some said there were questions about how to communicate with clients and make sales. Did you encounter that type of questions? Or it just depends on which job you are applying? And what do you mean by “5 questions on information provided”? Are those competence questions or scenario-based questions? Thank you so much if you could help!


Guys, do you know if the video interview is the same to all positions? I’m applying for the Barclaycard team! Even though I prefer pratical interviews, I was thinking mine could be more customer related and therefore more comptency based questions. Does any of you know? Best of luck to you all!