Barclays Tele Interview HELP HELP HELP!!!



Ive got a tele interview with Barclays coming up for the retail grad programme.

Anyone done one recently? what were you asked? how did it go?

Badly need some assistance! So please get back to me.


p.s. thanks for your help i advance.


Hi Bijn,

I had mine for the same program about a month ago and thankfully I’ve made it to the assessment center.

For starters, the interview lasted for about 45 minutes. The lady was very sweet. She started off by asking me why have I chosen Barclays. Then she went on to ask what I know about the graduate programme and where do I see it taking me. (The usual where do you see yourself in five years question).

You should be getting a pack from Barclays about the competencies they will be checking you on

She then moved on to the competencies and asked me questions like

  1. a time when I led a team
  2. a time I faced a crisis situation and how i dealt with it
  3. a time when I learnt from a mistake
  4. a time when I displayed tact
    and so on.

Hope this helped. Good luck!


Hey Thoukuj,

thanks for the advice, i have not received a pack in relation to competencies, how did they send this (post/email)? are there any other questions they asked?

Big thank you to anyway man! your a legend!




I had gotten it by e-mail a few days after I had booked my telephone interview.


Thanks much appreciated!




I have got a telephone interview with HBOS for customer adviser.
Anyone done any? Pls wat were u asked?
Would appreciate any assistance,pls help.


So … regarding the telephone interview with Barclays, the questions are all competency-based? Is there any question about commercial awareness? Are we allowed to think for a bit (which leads to pausing in the middle of the conversation) for each of the question?

I’m about to have a telephone interview with them in 2 days but have not received any information pack, (although I did just book the interview date today).

I’m worried sick. Any suggestion about the telephone interview would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot


I have my tele interview with barclays for customer advisor/cashier role.

Can please ne body suggest what kind of maths questions they gonna ask? They have asked me to get the calulator ready… I really appreciate quick response…

Thanks a lot


Hey there Thoukuj

Know you had your assessment for Barclays a while back now but how did it go? How long after the telephone interview did you find out you had made it through to the final stage?

Many Thanks


dear all,
i have got assessment for barclays in jan so anyone can help me what they will ask me to do and what type of question they will ask…pls help me…

i would be grateful if you people can help me out…

thank you



  1. competency based interview focused on their key competencies (they chose 3 out of the 6) +question about recent financial news+impact on barclays

  2. numerical test (takes longer to do than the online one as they give you their own calc-only managed 16 out of 20) + another psychometric test (some sort of logical)

  3. written report about a problem (they give you an info pack-so no prior prep required)

  4. presentation about the same report+ q n a session

  5. group exercise about a new topic

all in all, it was average (not tremendously hard/easy)

any questions pm me!

and good luck!xx


anyone have done the assessment for the customer service advisor pls help me pls…


hey guys

i’v got a telephonic interview for personal banker…
don kno wht to expect durig this interview…!!! so scared !!!
could anyone let me kno wht kind of questions did they ask during this telephonic interview ??

anything would b really appreciated… !!!
thanx. :slight_smile: