Barclays Summer Internship Sales 2017 (UK)



Hi guys,
I will have my telephone interview on Friday.
Did anyone already passed the telephone interview and if yes, which kind of question did you were asked?

Thanks a lot!!!


Hi Carlotta,

Looking at the dates, it seems you have already completed your telephone interview. I hope it went well!
Maybe you can confirm if you agree with the below. But in case other students need help here I thought I would answer your query.

The telephone interview is approximately a 30 minute call given by HR.
It is primarily a competency based call. All the usually questions, for example:

In addition, they want to ensure you understand the role you have applied for! Know about Barclays and what you will be doing day to day within the role.
If there is time, they have also been known to ask what you have heard recently about Barclays in the press or any changes in the industry that would have an impact on the Bank.

I hope this is helpful!
Good luck with the rest of the process :slight_smile: