Barclays pre employment screening



Hello can anyone advise re the Barclays pre-employment screenings process.
It is taking so long. They are querying my last job as probation ended. I have given them a personal reference from the line manager but they are still probing me for more info. The probation ended as the shifts did not suit my family life.
My job before I had worked 10 years service with no problems.
Am I likely to be turned down due to failed probation in last job?


Hi there,

Quick answer - if you weren’t forced to leave your last job and you don’t have any negative feedback from it, you will be fine and it shouldn’t affect your new role at Barclays.
Make sure you are as honest and open as possible! In these situations that is the best option. Go out of your way to make it as easy as possible for them. If you have a personal reference and they are not satisfied, can you get another? Can you get your line manager to have a telephone conversation with HR at Barclays? Do you have a copy of your resignation letter and reasons for leaving your old job (if applicable). Think outside the box and ask them what else you can do to help. They are not trying to catch you out, they just need to make sure that there were not any difficult issues that occurred at your last job that could repeat in your new role.

I hope this helps! Good luck.