Barclays personal Banker


Hi folks,

I just had a telephonic round at Barclays for Personal Banker role.They said that they will get back in 24 hrs as to my progress.

Anybody please tell what does that mean…

Thanks in advance for help.



Hi skip,

Don’t know the answer sorry…but am thinking of applying for barclays personal banker role as a way into the industry, currently in engineering. How did it go, how long, what sort of questions, did you send a cv, apply online, any maths test yet, if so what was it like? Lots of questions, all help/advice gratefully received.

Also, is this about 18k pa?

Thanks in advance, cheers!!


hello sharkfeed,

Questions in the interview in basically asked to determine if one really has the competencies required for a particular job description.They will ask you to quote a few examples regarding the same.I did apply online at Barclays Career weblink.

Go ahead and do it if you k=like banking,its a great career prospect for anybody,anytime !!

Best of luck!!


hey skip

did u get the job…??

i have a telephonic interview coming this week. Wondering if u would b able to help me with the questions that u remember during your telephonic interview for the position of personal banker…! ?