Barclays Operations Analyst 2014


Hi All,

I have a Barclays Operations Assessment Centre coming up and was wondering what activities this will entail.

Any idea or experience will be highly appreciated!

Thank you.


Hi Sele.Odi,

Are you applying to a position in the UK? If so, When did you have your telephone interview? Mine got unbooked a few weeks ago due to a technical error and i’ve not been able to book a new one since then! Also what date is you’re AC?



Hi David.Brent,

Yes, I’m applying for a UK position. My telephone interview was last week and the AC is next week.

Have you tried to contact HR?


Hi, Congrats on getting to AC! May I ask when did u guy apply for operations? I applied at the beginning of Sep, and a few weeks after I was told they have already filled all the positions for operations in London and asked me if i wanna switch to another department. I wonder if you guy applied in August or something? Thank you and good luck with yourAC! :slight_smile:



Thanks for your message. If you’re not too fussy about working in London then maybe you should try switching your application to another Operations location as the positions in London has already been filled I think.

I applied in October but not for London.


Oh right I see! Thank you for your advise! Good luck with your interview! :slight_smile:


Oh right I see! Thank you for your advise! Good luck with your interview! :slight_smile:


guys, the topic aready been talked abt here


I have Barclys assessment centre on the 29th as well. Gooluck to you guys and hopefully someone helps us out soon!


Hi! I applied last month in Kenya waiting for online test results is there someone else from Kenya? where have you reached


btw guys, one simple question - why operations? Anyone knows what it is like in Barclays?


Hai Sele.Odi! Congrats on getting to the AC stage, I applied for Singapore region and I have my telephonic interview on Thursday. Would you mind sharing your tele interview questions as I am a little anxious. Also how to answer the question “Why Operations”? Thanks in Advance


Hi Sele.Odi, how was the AC? Also, what location did you apply to? I have my AC this week.


Hi! Odi, I am still waiting for resposonse on when to take the AC. Wish you well


Hi, I had my telephone interview this Tuesday. The questions I had: how often do u make suggestions to improvement. Do ur friends think u have strong moral code. Why financial services. What do u do in building relationships that others don’t, What does inclusion mean to u…strange questions…when was the last time u really push ur self to achieve sth. And some other normal questions…I hope i am helpful.


yes! Indeed it is of great help to me as I will be facing this tele intvu on saturday. Did they tell you how soon they will tell the outcome?


Hi nlr3169,

Sorry for my late reply. 137425736 was spot on with the questions. Another one I was asked was the skills I think are required to excel in this role.

HRH2, I applied to Poole but unfortunately did not get it.

The AC comprised of:

  • A numerical retest for some candidates.
  • A group exercise whereby you have to solve a puzzle - Kind of like a Rubix-Cube.
  • A case study which requires you to advise a CEO on whether your company should outsource its manufacturing. You will give a presentation to an assessor at the end. It’s key to stay focused as you have only 45 minutes to build your case, 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes for the assessor to ask you question.
  • An individual ‘strengths-based’ interview which was similar to the structure of the telephone interview.

Hello Sele,

Sorry to hear you did not make it, especially since you were on these forums trying hard to prepare. What was your feedback? Why did they not decide to offer you?

Also, how many days did they take to let you know? I know for a fact that if you don’t get a call the same day, you most likely won’t be offered a place.

Hope you make it through with some other firms :slight_smile:


Hi sele. Thank u for ur info. I am sure u will make it next time with other companies


Hai all. I have my AC on Friday the 6th Dec for Ops role Singapore region. Any help please. Thanks.