Barclays Investment Bank - Operations 2013 Internship


Sharing my experience for others

Application - Numerical
Phone Interview - Why Barclays, Why operations, what does operations do, when have you had to work with massive amounts of data and spot errors, whats an ethical decision you had to make, when have you worked in a team, when have you challenged a process etc

Assessment Centre

Format - Two Competency Interviews, standard questions where they run through an entire booklet in rapid fire, so they need to get through them quickly. Ranges from Commercial awareness, teamworking, leadership, what drives/inspires you, where you see yourself in 5 years, how you tackle the impossible, how you have demonstrated leadership or what others admire about you

Group Exercise - Very strange, building a rubix cube, you cannot prepare for this

E-Tray - Prioritisation exercise, new emails and IMs, events keep popping up and you need to choose your top 5. Think about time differences, manner of communication, scale of things affected, and keep monitoring all the way until time is up. Keep good notes to present to assessor as they will challenge you but you have to stay strong.

Awkward assessors lunch, try to be nice and interesting. Very well run assessment with extremely enthusiastic assessors who are very convincing about the future of Barclays


Just got off a phone interview. Questions:

Major achievements in the last year
What do you think Operations does on a daily basis?
What challenges does Operations face?
A time when you have pushed yourself to give more
How have you raised energy levels and enthusiasm within a team
How did you build relationships with others?
What do you do when you have to learn about something in depth
How have you changed a process that is already in place and successful?
A time when your ethical stance and values were challenged
A time when you were able to notice an anomaly quickly when analysing data
How comfortable are you with resource allocation?

Be sure to come up with good examples for each question


Thanks a lot! Did you get an offer?