Barclays Group interviews last week


Hi guys,

Did anyone attend a Barclays Group 1st round interview last week (12th-16th Jan) - have any of you heard back yet? I went to one on Wednesday, but haven’t heard anything. A friend of mine who went earlier in December heard back after a couple of days…

Is it bad decorum to ring and ask???


Not at all. Call them, that’s fine.


I had mine on Friday and just got a call from them today…but I didn’t make it through :frowning:


what is the feedback?


just to update, i got a call yesterday saying i’d got through to the second, and final, round - but they were actually quite negative in their feedback! they sort of said, well, u’ve reached the benchmark on the competencies so we will let u through, but we really want u to look at this this and this area for the final round. Was quite helpful feedback in a way, especially cos I actually agreed with most of it myself. Has anyone else heard back either way?


hey just wondering which division was this? was it sales by any chance?


yeah is this not barCap?


Barclays is:

a) Group Retail and Commercial Bank (woolwich, retail & business banking)

b) Investment Banking and Investment Management (BarCap, Barclays Wealth)

Barclays Commerical is a part of Barclays Group, and is a separate from BarCap. I had my interviews with GRCB.


ahh right, i knew that lol. sorry just been waiting to hear about my barcap app. been waiting over a month now :S how are things going for you? and why Retail banking?


Hey, yuh, did u ask for feedback? coz when they called me said i passed the first round they didn’t say anything about my previous performance, which is strange.
All the best for ur 2nd round!! do u know what gonna happen in 2nd round? just interview or exercises as well?


don’t u guys think it’s too late to ring them tomorrow for feedback ?


I also have questions regarding the 2nd round assessment? interview, group exercise, and what more?
Anyone knows please kindly leave a message, thanks a lot.


what streams did you guys apply for - cos i imagine it varies depending on what level and what stream you’ve applied for. they were fairly detailed about what the final interview would entail, and they also volunteered my feedback (though i was planning to ask for it). apparently, my interview will be just be an interview …though i don’t have a date for it yet…

Also, how long did was it before you found out about the first round - I didn’t hear back for a week, so assumed I’d failed, but obv not. Not sure what to take from that tho, cos apparently it usually only takes one or two days.


isn’t that a Barcap role?


hvn’t hear anything form the barcap application after tests.


that one is finance for barclays group .
i hvn’t got a date to book either. i called them today, they said they r waiting to identify the time for final round and will put it on website soon.
i had my first round on last friday and had the phone call around the end of yesterday which was just the next monday after that friday. but i didn’t hear anything like my feedback or any details of second round:( just asked feedback now and they said will ask the person call me again.
i also hv been told as soon as i booked my 2nd round i can know the details abt it… :frowning:


which division u applied?


have you applied to lloyds at all… cos I’ve been waiting for a month for a date for the final round AC, but still no joy. have some friends in the same situation, but whenever they ring the grad line, they just tell them to hold on and wait, brushing them off basically. really hope that Barclays doesn’t end up the same way, would love to join them!


i didn’t apply for lloyds.
i know that the time for final round could be some day in feb.
how could u know the details of ur final as u mentioned before? did u apply commercial bank programme?


Hi janejane08, I also applied for the Finance programme at barclays group and waiting for the 2nd round assessment.
Good luck