Barclays Group Assessment Centre


I applied for Treasury programme and my AC is coming up next week. This is my first ever AC. Appreciate any help.

  1. What questions could be asked during the interviews? I’ve been told there would be 2 interviews.
  2. As to group discussion, how long will be given to read the case and how long the discussion will last? What questions may involve?
  3. Verbal test: Is it the same as the online one?
    Thanks in advance.

I have applied for the Treasury programme as well, and i’ve my AC this week.
How did you find the assessment day, did you have to do a presentation? I’m slightly nervous about any commercial awareness questions, as my degree is not in anything related to the economy. Was this an important element of the assessment centre



Can anyone kindly share the experience regarding the AC at Barclays Group? Thank you very much!


well the AC for my assessment revolved around arriving at 8.30, doing numerical and verbal tests, with the numerical tests being slightly harder than the online tests, made that bit harder by the basic calculators which were given to us.
Then we had a biographic interview, which involved just talking about urself and your aspirations, and then quite a lot on commercial side, requiring knowledge about barclays, its market and its competitors.
then there was lunch, then there was a group exercise, which was on a very tight time frame, with only 5 minutes to read info, it looks good if you try and keep the group on track. at the end you have to present and answer questions on your choice, as a group.
the competency interview, was pretty relaxed, and was far more interactive, then many competency questions. I do remember a few questions on leadership in this interview.
a key difference with the AC, was the amount of assessors there were, easily outnumbering candidates two to one.
I hope this is helpful london_mai.

good luck


Hi Jayne,

thanks for sharing your AC experience with the rest…

I have an AC with Barclays coming next week and just being curious about the numerical test…was it data interpretation or something else? Any differences from the SHL type and the questions you got at the AC?

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Jayne, how did you get on with the ac? I may have one coming up soon aswell and am slightly concerned about the 8.30 start as I live around 3 hours out of london!


Mine also starts at 8.30 am, it may be the same one then…

good luck!


Hi, ive got a barclays assessment centre tomorrow… was wondering if any body could shed any light on the presentation we have to do… wat was the topic of the presentation?.. also for the competency interview… how mch commercial knowledge is needed… is it only knowledge about Barclays which is required?.. finally for the role play exercise… wat kind of scenario are u presented with?

Any information about any of these questions would be greatly appreciated… Thanks


hi ruz1,

what program did you apply to?

I have an AC tomorrow as well, but I was told a numerical-based case study, group exercise and psychometric tests.

good luck !


HI hazelground,

ive applied for the finance graduate programme… which one have u applied for??


credit risk summer internship…

let’s hope it will go well :slight_smile:


gd luck!!


Hey guys,

I have an AC coming up next week. Its a new program in Barclays GRB Technology Division its called the Future Leaders Development Program. Has attended this particular AC. The candidate pack mentions a “problem solving and analysis test”, does anyone know what they are ?May you please write a little about your experience? ’

Thank You. :slight_smile:



Hey nitya,

How did you AC go and do you mind to share your experience please???



Has anyone who attended the AC yesterday in London heard anything yet?



I have an AC for a summer technology internship for the FLDP with Barclays tomorrow! I’m soo nervous! What was your interview like? What sort of technical questions did they ask?
Also what was the written exercise on? What exactly did you have to do?
Any info on the presentation and group exercise would be greatly appreciated too!

Thank you!


always disheartening to see 10 people ask for info on an AC they are to attend, and then only one of them actually providing information after having done it. why should anyone provide help to you if you aren’t willing to do the same yourself?


Hi I have the interview for the summer internship for the Credit Risk department and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this?


Hi yadz89

Can you give some details regarding the telephone interview and AC…


Anyone Applied for the FLDP Barclays Programme 2012