Barclays GRB Leadership Programme Phone Interview


HI everyone - I’m new to the forum, so apologies if this has been asked before. I’ve just been informed that I’ve been selected for a phone interview for the Barclays Global Retail Banking Leadership Programme - does anyone have any words of wisdom/advice/experience to share?

Thank you!



I also had a phone interview for Barclays GRB Leadership Programme a couple of weeks ago and the interview was split half and half talking about the job and about yourself. The questions focussed on why you had chosen Barclays and why the programme specifically so if you do your research you should be fine. I have my assessment centre on Wednesday so let me know if you get through!




I have the phone interview this Friday. Can you share the questions that they ask specifically?



I have the phone interview this Friday. Do you mind sharing about the questions they ask specifically?


Heya Guys, I have a telephone interview for a summer internship with Barclays Global Retail Bank on Friday. Has anyone had any similar experiences and specific questions?


Has anyone else applied for the Credit Risk & Analytics Leadership Programme or any experience with the telephone interview


hey, I have applied for credit risk and analytics and have my assessment center tomorrow. any tips?


i also have my assesment centre for credit risk and analytics tomorrow any advice would be much appreciated


Hi, i’ve got my phone interview for the credit risk bit of the FLDP. can you please let me know what questions you were asked? anything about new products or the financial news?


Hi Everyone,

I got a phone interview next week, i have applied for FLDP Technology, any hint please, would really appreciate that.

Thanks a lot


Hey I have my telephone interview coming up, how did you find it?


Hi guys, any feedback on your interviews would be a great help…what questions were you asked? how did you find the interview? Thanks in advance, and good luck with your apps!


hey Prateek K, any tips on what they asked? and what question was a bit difficult than the other?
I have my FLDP Finance in 3 days. any help would be much appreciated.



I will have my tele-interview for FLDP the week after next, any tips on the telephone interview questions?

my barclays wealth telephone interview sucked…so i really need some more tips on this one! thanks guys