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I’m applying for the Global Retail Banking Scheme however I need some clarification on the application form. Under the skills section they have asked for Financial skills - Accounting, Equities, Funds, Bloomberg, Oracle Financials, Markets, Reuters, Trading, Other financial skills, your proficiency and further details of your experience in this financial skill. I’m not sure what they want, can anyone help?


Hey Staussey

Have you come across any of the above before either during your academic studies or from your work experiences.

I know the one that would apply to me is Accounting Skills, as I studied various accounting modules at University and also help consolidate accounts for my sibling’s business.

Pick the skill and then go onto to explain how you have developed the skill. If you studied it as a module, then GREAT!

Hope this helps


I have got telephone interview coming soon. Anyone has had the interview already?


Hi, I want to apply for the marketing and products leadership programme … could anyone tell me what they look for in terms of your application form structure …and also what is their UCAS point requirements, as i could not see this on their website? Thank you.


Had a telephone interview with Barclays for marketing and product leadership graduate programme. They were testing against 3 qualities: inspiring, perception and collaboration.

First questions were about RBB (tell what you know about it), then about the programme.

Other questions were competency based:

  1. Tell about when you set yourself a challenge
  2. Situation when you had to work with a lot of information
  3. Situation when you had to influence someone

Hello Everyone,

I ve applied to their tax division. Does anyone know whether the questions for the telephone interview differ from one division to another?

Has anyone done an interview for Tax?




I have an interview for Tax on Monday! Please help!

What questions do they normally ask? Any tricky ones? Do they assess all of the competencies or they focus on certain ones?




As some people keep deleting my posts I have created a forum and explained in detail about my barclays corporate AC experience,

If anyone needs anymore help, just let a brother know!!!

(P.S. To the people that keep deleting my posts, I think you should ask yourself if you would be in the position you are in if it wasnt for the help of other people?!?)


the link doesn’t seem to work no more sadly :frowning:
I have a tele interview soon with barclays corporate and was wondering if you could give me an idea of the questions they asked at all?
I would be really grateful!