Barclays Graduate 2019



So did Barclays contact all of you guys after the video interview for you to upload your CV?

Just want some confirmation becuase I had a video Interview and was then told that they couldnt take my application on any further because so many people had applied ( roughly 2 days after i passed the online tests) before taking the interview.

I then took it regardless a few weeks after hoping they might still review it looool so just wanted to know what the next thing will be!


has Barclays contacted anyone back after submitting their cv ?


Hi there, has anyone heard back from Barclays since uploaded CV?


Nope. Its been about 3 weeks now. Im not sure what exact to do tbh. You’re not alone !!


Hey guys. I applied to the corporate banking graduate scheme. I uploaded my CV two weeks ago, still not heard anything back…

Has anyone actually been invited to the final round? Maybe they are just collating everything first then will invite people?



Has anyone heard back from Barclays after uploading their CV? I uploaded mine over a month ago and would have thought that by now, the recruiters would know who they were taking forward to the final stage.

Many thanks.


Has anyone heard about assessment centre for risk? Been waiting since October after completing business insight 2? Every email to recruitment just says they are in the process of getting back to people, no time frame given?


Hii guys, just going trough posts here, i did my vid interview very late the day or max two before the deadline, they asked me for next day and 2 days later i got invitation for the AC, i believe 29.01 is the last one. Though if you didnt get any response it is worth to ask, you can lose nothing, and check your online account there might be some info as well


What strand did you apply for?




Any chance you could give some insight into the video interview, been searching for a while and can’t find much info. Thanks.



Has anyone applied for the 2019 Trading & Structuring Off-Cycle Internship at the London office? Wondering if AC invites have already gone out.



hey, did you receive any calls from Barclay recently for the consideration for graduate program for any division? I applied for risk and have not received any updates after business insight 2 as well. But I received a call a few days ago saying my application for risk wasn’t successful and asking if I would like to be considered for another division…


Haven’t received any phone calls as yet - no contact stating successful or otherwise :confused:


:confused: maybe mine was a scam lol. Have not receive any updates after. Time to move on…


can someone give some insight into the video interview?


there’s another topic on Barclays video interview, and the video interview is pretty much similar to the discussion in that topic. Take a look.


do you have the link for it please?



Hey! I applied for Technology as well and have been invited for final round. How did yours go? Could you please share what happened in the Business Meeting and the final Interview.