Barclays Graduate 2019



Same situation. Have you heard back from them at all? I sent them several emails to ask but have not got any replies…


Anyone here been invited to the final round Business Meeting yet?


same here. did the internal audit video interview and haven’t heard back since.


I was invited, have you? Do you have any idea how it’s going to look like?


I am still waiting for their response after my video interview so have no ideas on the business meeting sorry… May i ask what role did you apply for and when did you were invited?


Hi is the numerical reasoning test timed this year?


May I ask what division you applied for?

Also, were you asked to upload your CV when completing the video interview?

Hope to hear back from you



Technology, what about you? Yes, I was


Anybody applied to corporate banking grad scheme?


I applied for Marketing. Anyone applied for Marketing?


yes me. have not heard back since being asked for CV


How long ago did you submit your CV?


How long does it take to hear back after your video submission ?


more than a month already …


The same. About a month and a half ago from now.


Have you tried contacting them?


I’ve been emailing to the Barclays Resource Team, but never had a response from them.

I highly doubt that they would reply back.


Heey !
I’m in the same situation :confused:
Did you get an answer ? What programme did you apply for ?


Im in the same issue aswell , Sent my CV last week after completing the barclays video interview and havent heard back from them ! I dont know how long its meant to take !!


Seriously lagging process.

It’s a bit lame that there is no way to communicate regarding the application process.

Nearly giving up on this hahhha.